A family chore day does wonders for your home, your sanity, and let's not forget those wonderful little things we call character traits in our dear sweet children. Running a home is a family effort. And if you're anything like me — that is, without a housekeeper — when Spring cleaning time comes around, I get a little anxious about the projects looming overhead. Sometimes the best way to hit the big projects is to take a giant bite out at a time. And since many hands make light work, a family chore day will help you knock out those projects in no time flat.

Schedule a Day That Works

Make it on a Saturday morning or a Sunday afternoon. The benefits of a Saturday morning is that they'll be motivated to get the work done as quickly as possible so they can be free to enjoy their weekend. Try to avoid planning it on a day after school when homework and exhaustion can set in.

Assign Sections Ahead of Time

Tell your teenager that he's helping dad lift the heavy stuff out of the garage, and prepare your toddler for dusting and other age-appropriate chores. When the day comes, there should be no question where everyone's starting their projects. If your oldest is raking leaves and mowing while your smaller ones weed dandelions, having them mentally prepared will psyche them up.

Give a Time Limit

If the project is a two-weekend deal, be realistic, and set a time limit. You don't want to sweatshop your kids because your house isn't quite perfect yet. Be happy that they're helping, ask for the best they can do, then let them have the rest of the day. It's OK if everything doesn't get finished. That's what the next family chore day is for.

Make It as Fun as Possible

I'm being serious. Split your family into teams and make it a contest. Pull out matching colored shirts to wear that day. Pick a fight song. Come up with a chore day mantra. This can actually be a fun time. Cleaning out the garage while listening to "Eye of the Tiger" is just pure awesomeness. Put together a playlist of music that will keep you all pumped up while you're cleaning. Give a little here. If your kids want Justin Bieber and you're all about Face to Face, mix it up. They'll be pumped with Katy Perry and you'll clean harder with Pennywise. Just be a DJ and please everyone. Ask for their input. You'll know your kids better by the end of the day.

Benefits to Family Chore Days

  • Kids learn how to work together to reach a common goal
  • Rewards of a job well done
  • Teaches kids how to take care of things they've been given
  • Kids learn sacrifice and hard work

Getting your house in order can actually be a fun experience for your kids. All you need is a soundtrack, a date, and some jerseys. Now if you can just convince your kids how much fun they'll have, you'll have really done a great job.

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