It's National Time Management Month and we're here to help all of the working parents out there create a workable plan to tackle that most loathsome of chores — cleaning your house.

If you want to know the one thing that my wife and I argue about — day after day, month after month, year after year — it's cleaning our home. Neither of us wants to do it, neither of us has time to do it, yet both of us know that it must be done.

So, in the spirit of time management, cleaner living and a happier marriage, let's figure out a schedule that most families can adopt to make a cleaning a priority.

1. Keep a Calendar

This is the first step of the process — sit down with your spouse and open up your preferred calendar app and map out the best time of the day or week to set aside for housework. Surely, you can each find 2-3 hours a week to dedicate to cleaning your home.

2. Prioritize

Next, decide which chores are the most important to tackle. There are chores that should be done weekly — vacuuming, mopping, dusting — and chores that can be done more infrequently — washing the windows, cleaning and organizing the garage, pressure washing the pavers. As you create a schedule, fill in which chores need to be done when and try to establish realistic time constraints to accomplish each chore. Try to make a list of chores to be done on which day and cross them off as you accomplish them.

3. Do It When You See It

One key to keeping a tidy home is putting things away or cleaning up messes in the moment. If you walk past a stain on the floor for days and fail to clean it up, it becomes that much harder to clean when you finally decide to tackle it. If you clean it in the moment, it takes less time and allows you to cross one more thing off your list.

4. Prep Work

Are there things that you can get done the night before or morning of to lessen the burden on you? For instance, make sure that you have the mops, buckets and cleaning supplies on hand that you'll need. Empty the vacuum or take the ladder out of the garage the night before to save you a few extra minutes the next day. If we're trying to manage time, then every minute counts.

5. Get Disciplined

This might be the most challenging element of this task. If you set a schedule that works for your family, do your best to stick to it. Sure, you might need to readjust based on emergencies or things that crop up. However, if you set a schedule, do your best to maintain it.

6. Set Realistic Goals

If you haven't spent much time deep cleaning your home then it's unrealistic to think that you can perform a Martha Stewart-makeover in a matter of hours. It ain't gonna happen. Instead, be honest about what needs to be done and how much time you have to do it. This is a process and if you're juggling work, family demands and chores, it will take time to see results.

7. If You Falter, Try Again

We all set goals and fail to reach them. It's human nature. Our time is invaluable so we have to make the very best use of it and, let's face it, cleaning may not be at the top of our to-do lists. But if we fail to accomplish our goals, there is always the opportunity to pull out our calendar, search for some available time and tackle the housework yet again.