Having a baby? It's time to choose a baby name. If it's your third or fourth, you may be struggling. After all, your favorite name was taken by your firstborn, and your second-born got your other favorite pick. So how do you decide on a name that you won't someday regret? With a little logic.

Turn to History

You may have named your other children after your favorite grandparent or aunt, but have you looked into all of the names in your family trees? Log on to ancestry.com or check your family records. You can find the names of your great-great-great grandparents and other relatives who may just lend you some inspiration on the perfect name for your new addition.

Check Out the Classics

Old is new again and this is definitely true for names. Go online and look up popular names from the '30s, '40s, and '50s to find a classic name for your child. You can also flip through some classic books or movies, like Little Women or Huckleberry Finn to find a gem of a name that will likely be unique to your son or daughter. You can choose the name of the author, an actor, or a character who has meaning to you.

Read Up on the Popular

Each year, a list of popular baby names is released, and each year a child goes to school and becomes forever known as "Maddie B." to distinguish her from the other Maddies in her class. Check out the list of popular names, but focus on the least popular of the group. This way, the name you choose is timely but not completely overused.

Spin the Globe

Cities, towns, and countries around the world are now being used as names for children. Perhaps your favorite vacation spot or the location of your honeymoon can be a guide to choosing a name for your child. Or take a chance and spin the globe to find an interesting spot you may have never even heard of. If you like the name, do a bit of research and you may find an intriguing place — that makes the perfect name!

Choosing a name for a child is an important job. It's something your child will have to grow with and deal with for the rest of her life. Choose wisely.