It seems that every last one of my friends is born in December. Before I had my kids I heard things like, “whatever you do, don’t have a baby in December.” Did I listen? No, of course not. So my dear Ms. Paloma is born smack dab on the Winter Solstice four days before Christmas.

    When she was a baby, we tried to get away with celebrating her birthday the first week of December to give ourselves some breathing room. But now she’s 4 and knows everything about everything and there’s no getting around that December 21st is the real day.

    The following are my suggestions for making your December baby feel loved happy and content and not JILTED by the fact that Christmas is just around the corner.

    1)    Celebrate it on the day. It is there day. It might be inconvenient and interfere with Xmas preparations but plan for it and celebrate like anyone else at any other time of year. This seemed to be the complaint of a majority of Christmas babies I know.

    2)     Don’t be cheap. Wrap Christmas babies gifts in BIRTHDAY paper, not holiday paper. Refrain from cheating with blue snowflake paper, red or green. It’ll be so tempting to do otherwise but it makes them mad and it cheats them.

    3)    Change of venue. It’s hard to celebrate a birthday with a Christmas tree in the background overshadowing just about everything. This year Ms. Paloma will turn 4 having a princess tea party at a nearby bed and breakfast that puts them on. At $12 bucks a head--it’s not cheap but at the same time a few girls and having the clean up somewhere else is an awesome trade off. And this one is down English tea style. No x-mas decorations looming in the background. This way. The child gets the pink and purple party and mom has just bought herself some time and energy.

    4)       No combining of presents. We know we have Christmas babies. Buy those presents in August and put them in a closet. My friends in their forties say when they were in their teens they’d lobby for one BIGGER present to combine the birthday and Christmas gift giving--usually to their benefit. But for little kids this just isn’t going to work.

    5)     Go with themes that suggest another season or something completely different from the holidays.

    6)    Have bigger kids parties for other occasions so that they’ll be fine with the small birthday.
We usually have a big Halloween party and School’s Out because we live in an all season area and my kids both have winter birthdays where they can’t really play inside with 12 other kids.

    7)    For older kids and adults plan out something exciting just for them during the winter break.  I’ve written up gift certificates for activities to take place in that no man’s land between Christmas and New Year’s. I’ve used this time to take people to dinner, theatre, concerts--spend special time with your Christmas baby this week---but give them the card that says what you are going to do on the actual birthday.

    8)     Go tell all your family about this list and make them promise to treat the Christmas babies the same as the kids born in more ‘convenient’ times of year.

    What do you do to make your December children not feel overshadowed by the holiday?