The back-to-school blues can hit any of us, whether we are the student or the parent. It can be hard to send our children back to the classroom knowing that another year has gone by in their way-too-quick childhood, but sometimes our children have a hard time letting go as well — especially of summer. Make going back to school a welcome and happy time for your family.

1. Plan a Playdate

Set up a playdate with school friends that your children may not have seen over the summer. Or get together with some new classmates that your children will be attending school with this year. It will be your very own ice breaker and remind them that school is fun because they get to be with their friends. 

2. Ease Their Fears

Maybe your child had a rough time at school last year because of a teacher or another child. Talk to them about how this year can be different, and better. Listen to their heartfelt fears and anxieties and talk them through those emotions. Instill in them the confidence that the school year can be what they make of it, and remind them that when things get tough, you are there to help.

3. Get to Bed Early

Start prepping the children, and yourself, for those earlier school mornings by getting to bed earlier. Your body will start to adjust to this schedule and when school starts, you'll be feeling great no matter what time that alarm sounds. 

4. Buy a Special Back-to-School Item

Whether it's a first day of school outfit or a new lunchbox, celebrate back-to-school with something that will make your child feel confident and ready to start new adventures. 

5. Let Them Help

Come up with a way they can help prep for the new school year, such as making their own lunch, setting up a special "launch area" where school items are kept and easily accessible, or making their schedule for after school snacks and homework. Sometimes kids need a little control, so find something that you think they can handle and let them go for it. 

As for you, if you're the one with the back-to-school blues, just remember that Thanksgiving break will be here before you know it!