When it's time to put sunscreen on my children, especially my 5-year-old, it's suddenly like putting sunscreen on a raccoon. The dancing, the jerking, the eye-twitching, and complaints that it's too cold or that it's going to get in her eye all make me want to forget about lathering her palest of pale skin.

But I don't have a choice. It might not be so bad if I didn't have to do it again in 90 minutes, but sunscreen fades and no matter how waterproof it says it is, eventually i's time to put that sunscreen on again. So let's make that easier, shall we?

1. Sunscreen Sticks

I love sunscreen sticks for getting sunscreen on my children's faces easily. There's much less chance of me poking them in the eye and even lesser chance that they end up with sunscreen in their mouths. It's a win-win really.

2. Sunscreen Spray

I'm not a huge fan of sunscreen spray because I don't want my children (one who has cystic fibrosis) to breath it in and for your littlest ones, you probably want to skip it. But in a pinch, like reapplying at the beach, I've been known to ask them to plug their noses and hold their breath while I spray it. Then I tell them to run away as fast as they can. It's on. They're done. And everyone can return to happy beach time.

3. Do-It-Yourself

Some kids just like to be in control. Let them rub the sunscreen on their legs, arms and tummies while you supervise. Of course their backs and faces are all up to mom or dad, no arguing about that.

4. Sunscreen Train

If your kids are responsible enough, line your family up to rub sunscreen on each other's backs. Within an hour you should have a good idea of which kids actually took this seriously.

5. Give 'Em a Snack

If there's a cookie in their mouths they are more likely to do two things: stand still and be quiet.

6. Distract, Distract, Distract

If you haven't left the house yet, turn on the television while you apply the sunscreen. Your children will likely enter that zone where they can no longer hear or see you and my bet is, they won't have any clue they have sunscreen on at all.

Kids don't want to stand still and wait for sunscreen when there's fun to be had, but when it comes to sun safety, they don't have a choice. So make it as easy and fun as possible for everyone.