This is a guest post by Jennifer Landis of Mindfulness Mama.


If you’re expecting a baby, figuring out the perfect name for your new child can be stressful. Do you go with a family name? Or maybe something a little fancier…maybe with a “Y” in it?

It’s no secret that names are a really big deal — almost 25% of Americans say they’ve even named their car. Whether it’s your car, your pet, or your baby, the names you choose can be very telling of the era you live in and what’s important to you. With headlines in 2015 ranging from Caitlyn Jenner to Star Wars, parents will be heavily influenced to make their children’s names reflect the culture around them. The New Year will bring new trends in baby naming, and pop culture will, without a doubt, be a major influencer! When it comes to baby names, here are some of the factors that we think will be major influencers in 2016.

Star Wars Influence

Nerds everywhere rejoiced at the December 2015 release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Nerds and non-nerds alike will probably take advantage of the names Star Wars has brought us and hospitals will likely see a huge influx in names like Harrison and Leah. Newcomers to the force, er, franchise will probably be popular as well. Prepare for lots of little babies named Finn and Poe. Director J.J. Abrams has made it clear that the up and coming actors in the Star Wars franchise will be the ones to carry on the popular movies. It wouldn’t be such a long shot to see the names of the actors as well. Daisy, Ridley, Oscar, and Isaac are all great baby names!

Old-School Influence

We expect the classic name trend of 2015 to continue into 2016. Old-fashioned names are big right now. Some of the most popular include: Rose, Josephine, Joel, Hazel, Cora, Ruby, Ivan, and Eleanor.

Gender Fluidity

Baby names will be influenced by the gender-fluid names that celebrities chose in 2015. We saw that Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan named their daughter Max. Actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively named their daughter James, and Jagger is the daughter of Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross. Names that traditionally belong to boys or girls are more fluid and we will most likely see that a lot in 2016. And the name Caitlyn will be a big name in 2016, after Caitlyn Jenner. 

Pop culture has been an influencer in our naming conventions for as long as it’s been around. Recent years have brought us names like Bella and Jacob thanks to the Twilight series and popular newcomers Katniss and Peeta came from The Hunger Games. That won’t stop in 2016. You might hear a name like Rey from Star Wars for a boy, and don’t be surprised if the classic name Silas is what your sister chooses for her daughter. It’s okay, though, because these trends are fabulous and we’re looking forward to hearing a lot more of them in the coming year.

Jennifer Landis is a proud mama to a crazy toddler, and the blogger behind Mindfulness Mama. She’s a tea drinking, super nerdy pop culture junkie with a passion for family, food, and fitness!