Homework: it's a different beast in every home.

A fun, exciting project can send my child over the moon with motivation to complete the assignment. But many times, the mundane nature of MORE school work after logging many hours in the classroom can lead to tears and frustrations for our whole family. No matter how we feel about it, homework is a part of our lives and I needed to figure out a way to make it a managable and successful process for all of us.

If homework time is a struggle in your household, apply the ideas below to make things easier.

1. Create a Routine

Finding a rhythm that works for your famliy is key when it comes to a successful homework time. Some children work best right after school, while others - like mine - need some time to decompress. For our family, it is best to have a snack and some play time before diving into homework. Consider your afternoon and evening and decide what time is the best for homework and stick as close as you can to that time every day. Setting a rhythm will prepare everyone for the daily task of completing homework.

2. Use Time Chunks

It's no secret that the human brain can only focus for so long. If your child has a large amount of homework, break it into chunks of time instead of trying to power through it all in one sitting. Perhaps work on a little before dinner and complete the remainder after bath time.

3. Start With the Most Challenging

When dividing up the work, have your child complete the most challenging work first. This way, they will have the largest amount of mental and physical energy to put into their work. Save the things that come easy for last. This will help you and your child avoid those stressful meltdowns that can arise when homework frustrations set in.

4. Use Ambient Sound

When we think of focusing, we tend to think of a quiet or silent atmosphere to work in. Not so. Having some type of appropriate music playing can actually help minimize disctractions by drowning out other sounds and quieting your meandering thoughts. Try classical tunes like Mozart or a Focus & Study station on a music streaming site, like Spotify.

5. Work in the Same Place

Have your child work on homework in the same spot each day. This will condition the brain to know it's time to get down to business.

Carving out a space, time, and routine for homework will make it feel more like a natural part of the daily schedule. Sticking with what works for your famliy will pave the way for fewer tears and complaints.