Making A Memorable Valentine's Day Treasure

Posted February 7, 2008 by Julie Rains

Looking for a creative, memorable, enriching, and fun Valentine’s Day activity? Here’s an easy one that will help spread kindness and appreciation.

Peanut Butter Baby Food? No Reason Not To

Posted February 5, 2008 by Carrie Kirby

Do you have to wait to feed your baby eggs, peanut butter and fish? There's no proven reason that waiting will help prevent allergies, according to a new American Academy of Pediatrics statement. Parenting Squad speaks with the AAP doctor behind the report about the news and its caveats.

Survival Tips for Future Film Buffs

Posted February 5, 2008 by Linsey Knerl

movie marquee.jpg
I can think of no worse way to spend an afternoon than taking a toddler to a movie. You are guaranteed to miss all the good parts, and should plan on adding it to your rental queue. There are some tricks to making the experience go a little smoother, however, and like most outings, preparation is the key.

No Birth Control Method Left

Posted January 31, 2008 by Maggie Wells

What do you do for birth control when there doesn't seem to be a method left that works for you and you don't want to tie the tubes yet just in case? One woman's sad and funny trip to the gynecologist's office...

Montessori in Your Home

Posted January 30, 2008 by Caitlin Giles

montessori by hand.jpg
Tired of tripping over blocks and toy cars? Looking to organize your cluttered and chaotic play room? Here are a few tips on how to incorporate Montessori principles for a prepared environment into your child's play space at home.

The Fish Dilemma: The facts about mercury, PCBs, and what's safe to eat.

Posted January 29, 2008 by Lynn Truong

Last week's New York Times article revealed that the tuna sushi from 20 Manhattan stores and restaurants had very high levels of mercury. We've known for years now that many of our fish have high levels of mercury and PCBs. But did you know that certain fish, like bluefin tuna and albacore, even salmon, have such high levels that it is unsafe to eat more than once a month, especially for women and children?

Valentines Day Isn’t Just for Lovers

Posted January 29, 2008 by Linsey Knerl

heart on string.jpg
While the idea of a romantic getaway with a significant other may sound like the perfect way to spend Valentines Day, this year it may be impossible to manage. Depending on your unique circumstances, the holiday might not be everything you imagined. Families can still find a way to make the day special; share the love this year with these super ideas!

Register Smart to Get What You Really Need

Posted January 28, 2008 by Carrie Kirby

Ten rules of the registry that will improve your chances of getting what you really need at the all-important baby shower.

My daughter, the princess

Posted January 28, 2008 by Maggie Wells

My 3 year old daughter is a third generation feminist taught that looks don't mean anything. So why does she want to parade around in pink princess costumes waiting for the day when her brown locks will turn blonde?

Crib Bumpers Not Worth the Risk

Posted January 28, 2008 by Carrie Kirby

A new study warns that crib bumpers -- even those previously thought safe -- can injure babies. The study reviewed government data and found that bumpers don't prevent serious injuries, they only cause them. The conclusion: Cribs are safer sans padding.