How To Maintain Your Identity When Everything Has Changed

Posted February 12, 2008 by Corina Fiore

Motherhood, although joyous, often causes alot of women to lose their identity. The demands of the day to day leave very little time for a woman to take care of herself and her own needs. These are ACTUAL tips to help you maintain your identity when your life has been turned upside down.

Grocery Shopping with Kids

Posted February 11, 2008 by Catherine Shaffer

Personally, I give each and every one of you permission to shop without your kids, if that works for you. I rarely take mine along. I would rather get in and out quickly, and avoid negotiations over treat items. However, when my son was a toddler and a preschooler, I pretty much had to take him with me. He was just always there, you know? It's like he didn't have his own life or something.

Children's Tylenol Doesn't Work on Cabin Fever

Posted February 8, 2008 by Carrie Kirby

Staying home with babies and young children can make you stir crazy in the best of times. When the snow piles up, the kids are sick or the thermometer plummets (or, like at my house, all of the above happen), you need to take emergency measures to prevent stir insanity.

There are no conflict free diamonds

Posted February 8, 2008 by Lynn Truong

The fantasy that revolves around the diamond is a scam, an idea concocted by an advertising agency. And that in itself isn't so bad. Many companies brand themselves as fantasy (buy Nike shoes because they will make you a sports superstar). What makes the diamond campaign the worse of the bunch is the harm they've done, and continue to do, to make a ton of money in the name of love.

Making A Memorable Valentine's Day Treasure

Posted February 7, 2008 by Julie Rains

Looking for a creative, memorable, enriching, and fun Valentine’s Day activity? Here’s an easy one that will help spread kindness and appreciation.

Peanut Butter Baby Food? No Reason Not To

Posted February 5, 2008 by Carrie Kirby

Do you have to wait to feed your baby eggs, peanut butter and fish? There's no proven reason that waiting will help prevent allergies, according to a new American Academy of Pediatrics statement. Parenting Squad speaks with the AAP doctor behind the report about the news and its caveats.

Survival Tips for Future Film Buffs

Posted February 5, 2008 by Linsey Knerl

movie marquee.jpg
I can think of no worse way to spend an afternoon than taking a toddler to a movie. You are guaranteed to miss all the good parts, and should plan on adding it to your rental queue. There are some tricks to making the experience go a little smoother, however, and like most outings, preparation is the key.

No Birth Control Method Left

Posted January 31, 2008 by Maggie Wells

What do you do for birth control when there doesn't seem to be a method left that works for you and you don't want to tie the tubes yet just in case? One woman's sad and funny trip to the gynecologist's office...

Montessori in Your Home

Posted January 30, 2008 by Caitlin Giles

montessori by hand.jpg
Tired of tripping over blocks and toy cars? Looking to organize your cluttered and chaotic play room? Here are a few tips on how to incorporate Montessori principles for a prepared environment into your child's play space at home.

The Fish Dilemma: The facts about mercury, PCBs, and what's safe to eat.

Posted January 29, 2008 by Lynn Truong

Last week's New York Times article revealed that the tuna sushi from 20 Manhattan stores and restaurants had very high levels of mercury. We've known for years now that many of our fish have high levels of mercury and PCBs. But did you know that certain fish, like bluefin tuna and albacore, even salmon, have such high levels that it is unsafe to eat more than once a month, especially for women and children?