Decking the halls makes your home beautiful and cozy, but unfortunately, it can also stress you out. One of the biggest hassles of the holiday season is getting that Christmas tree up inside the house. Before it brings any joy, it usually brings frustration. There's the flood of needles, the broken light bulbs, and of course, the crooked tree. Make it easier on yourself and your loved ones this year by following these tips.

1. Remove dried sap by making a fresh cut to the bottom of the tree trunk right after you take the tree off your car. To keep it fresh, make sure you get it inside and into water right away. If you aren't going to put it up immediately, wrap the stump in a damp towel.

2. To cut down on the spreading of needles as you maneuver the tree to its official spot, wrap it up in an old sheet while still outside. This will keep all of the needles safely tucked inside instead of stuck to your feet and furniture.

3. Use a better tree stand like The Wonder Stand, which boasts straightening and rotating features, separate cup and base, and a foot pedal that eradicates the need to crawl underneath the tree. Plus, the 1-gallon water reservoir will help keep your tree fresh. (Bonus tip for cleanup: Put a plastic tree bag underneath the tree. When it is time to take it down, simply lift the bag up around the tree to make removal clean and easy. The bag can be discreetly hidden under any tree skirt.)

4. Before you begin decorating, spread that old sheet on the floor around the tree to catch falling needles.

5. Skip the hassle of broken light bulbs by switching to LED lights. According to Consumer Reports, LEDs beat standard lights in a durability challenge. LEDs lasted for over 4,000 hours, while the standards lost one or two lights per strand in half that time. (Plus, LEDs reduce the risk of fire.)

6. Make the unbreakable ornaments easily accessible for your children so they can enjoy decorating the tree without stressing you out as they reach for your grandmother's antique collection. (Bonus tip for next year: Put the safe ornaments in a separate storage box so the kids can even enjoy the responsibility of removing the ornaments from their wrapping before placing them on the tree.)

7. Begin decorating with the lights first, followed by the garland and then the ornaments. This will help avoid tangles. Martha Stewart offers some great decorating tips for the best-looking tree you've ever had.

Check it out: your tree is up, and no one has been sent to time-out (including you). Sit back, enjoy its beauty, and get busy with the rest of your holiday to-do list.

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