With kids handing in specific lists for Christmas, gift giving can become a little stale. But who says parents can't have a little fun with holiday shopping? Stocking stuffers provide a great opportunity to get creative with gifts. Little presents that were not on a child's list will be a fun surprise on Christmas morning! The bonus is, these gifts don't have to break the bank. In fact, there is nothing on this list that costs over $5.00. Consider adding some of these unpredictable items to your child's stocking this year.

1. Colored Hair Spray

Buy some red and green hair spray and let the kids turn the family into a band of punk rock elves. Toss in some white and spray dad's beard to match Santa's. Once you are all sprayed and colorful, take a whacky family photo to capture the memory.

2. A Deck of Cards

From solitaire to war, there are countless games the kids can play with a single deck of cards. These are especially good for travel!

3. Outrageous Candy

Buy them one of those things you are always saying "NO!" to: a 3 foot long gummy snake, 6 feet of bubble gum tape, pop rocks. Let them indulge once a year on an outrageous candy.

4. Coupon Book

Create a book with coupons the kids can cash in over the next year. One for each month will do. Some ideas: stay up late, go out for ice cream with mom/dad, pass on a chore, have a friend sleepover.

5. Keepsake Ornament

This is a fun tradition. Purchase an ornament that is significant to that child for the past year. If it doesn't have a year on it already, you can write in on the back with a permanent marker.

6. Prank Gift

Sure to get a laugh, wrap up something ridiculous for your child's stocking. Think plastic rat, dirty socks, a spoon...get creative! It may become a new family tradition to see who can give the best prank gift each year.

7. Silly String

This classic never gets old (for the kids!). The Dollar Store is always stocked with plenty of silly string to go around! After everyone is stuffed from Christmas dinner, head out in the cold for a 5 minute silly string battle. Kids versus grown ups. Once the cans run dry, the team covered in the most string has to clean up!

Not all gifts have to be so serious. Get a little off the wall this year and think outside the (gift) box with these creative stocking stuffers!