Happy Halloween to our readers!

Working on a last-minute costume? Need tips for a party tonight? Here is our treat for you - no trick: a roundup of Halloween tips for you from our squad, and a few others.

Party On

You need 'em? We got 'em. Just for you, just for tonight! 7 Halloween Party Games for Kids of All Ages and Halloween Party Ideas and Recipes, served up by The Food Network.

More party-crashing with Last-Minute Halloween Parties that Pop! from Wise Bread.

Halloween = Quality Family Fun

Why buy? Make! Save money and spend some quality time while encouraging your child's creativity. 10 Reasons to Make Your Child's Costume This Halloween

You might have time to make it to the library and get some NOT scary books. Great recommendations found in Not-So- Spooky Halloween Books for Young Ones.

Be Spooky, But Be Safe

Stay safe with these tips:

No-Time? No problem!

You only have a few hours. Go scary and simple with 3 Tips for Scarily-Simple Halloween Costumes and Simple Halloween Costume Ideas for Preschoolers, Last-Minute Costumes To Make from About.com/Family Crafts and Wise Bread's Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes (for the parents).

And last but not least, Last-minute Ideas for Halloween Fun.