I hate to admit this, but I grew up on processed foods, and at times went for days without eating any fresh fruits or vegetables, or for that matter, whole grains. Eating out meant a meal at the Golden Arches. Both of my parents worked, and stemming from this situation was the need for a convenient way to feed the family. We ate an inordinate amount of food that was wrapped in cellophane or came out of box or can, from noodles and cheese products, to canned and frozen fruits and vegetables. We ignored the vitamin-depleting consequences of all that processing, and rationalized that supplementation was the answer to any nutritional deficiencies. In the end, convenience trumped wholesomeness, and we consumed accordingly.

Fast forward to today, where we are not only more informed about the state of our food, but wholesome eating has reached a stage of national obsession. Mind you, giving food the thought and consideration that it is due is not necessarily a bad thing. The problem is, in the daily struggles of modern life, we are more pressed for time than ever. 

Commensurate with the rigors the modern family schedule, a new generation of “convenience foods” have been introduced. With the word “processed” no longer fitting, these offerings are significantly different than the stuff I grew up with. While they strive to maintain the natural goodness of food without the use of artificial ingredients, they also provide the convenience that parents look for in order to accommodate their busy schedules while never compromising on quality or taste.

A excellent example of this new generation of convenience foods is Happy Baby. Born from a demand by parents for organic baby food that appealed to their young children, Happy Baby entered the market a few short years ago and has grown into a leading maker of premium organic baby and toddler foods. Sold in over 5000 stores, they offer several lines of wholesome and tasty treats.

For full disclosure, when I first spoke with the people of Happy Baby, I had some reservations, mainly because their foods are geared toward babies and toddlers, and our children are past that point. However, our son had just turned 6, and though he would have been mortified at the idea of being served “baby food,” there were certain items that could appeal to him. After some discussion with Kelsey O’Rourke, the wonderful representative from Happy Baby, we decided to give the HappyMelts a try.

HappyMelts are a tasty fruit snack made with freeze-dried, ready-to-eat organic fruit and yogurt. The snacks not only taste good, but they are chock full of protein as well prebiotic and probiotic goodness. Furthermore, they have no artificial ingredients and are low in sugar.

From the moment the HappyMelts arrived, our kids couldn’t wait to try them, and as soon as we opened the packages, they didn’t last long. Both our son and our daughter, who happens to be 9 years old, attacked them with vigor. They loved the Strawberry and Banana Mango bites, though my wife and I were partial to the Mixed Berry. The snacks literally melt in your mouth and have just the right amount of sweetness and rich fruit flavor, making them a good way to transition infants to solids while encouraging them to eat natural foods that are not excessively sweet or salty.

Best of all, parents can feel good about giving their kids a healthy snack that is not only natural and wholesome, but devoid of chemicals and artificial ingredients. Convenience and nutrition all in one package.

Now what parent wouldn’t love that?

Happy Baby offers several complete lines of premium organic Baby Food that are sure to please even the pickiest of young children. Parents can take comfort in the fact that with the range of options, there is sure to be something that their children will enjoy, and that it will be made with the highest level of quality.

To learn more about Happy Baby, visit the Happy Baby homepage, which is loaded with information. There you can browse the complete selection of Happy Baby products, purchase them, or read up on important nutrition facts a well as the latest health news. There are also links to learn more about the Happy Baby mission, and ways to promote the physical and emotional well being both parent and child.

Disclosure: The writer received complimentary samples for this review. No other compensation was provided by Happy Baby .