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Board games are great for teaching children strategic thinking skills and social interaction. Studies show board games can actually help increase learning capabilities in children, who are often less experienced at comprehending and sorting through new emotions. They laugh and cry with ease; they can become frustrated fast and are quickly confused by their emotions and other people's reactions. Wild Ride to the Heart was developed for children ages four and up. It helps create an opportunity for children to learn, express and understand 19 of the most commonly experienced emotions using their hearts and minds in a fun and educational environment.

Players spin a wheel or roll a die to advance around a colorful board, trying to follow a path to reach the heart at the center of the board. As you move along the board, the game's road to the heart is paved with unpredictability (just like in life), and can get rocky and wildly fun along the way. Children will engage in a range of emotions, illustrating happy with a facial expression, or learning the meaning of frustration and how to cope with it. At first, the game is best played with the aid of teachers, older siblings, parents and other family members.

Sound fun?

The Institute of HeartMath is hooking up one lucky Parenting Squad reader with a copy of the Wild Ride to the Heart game.

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