offers an easy solution to fix your favorite photos, or create new masterpieces. The site is very easy to maneuver, with one step uploading options for adding photos straight to your Facebook account.

What I love most about BeFunky, other than the ease of it, is the usefulness of the products. With a few clicks, I can transform someone's photo, straight from their Facebook account, and edit it to create something creative and unique. A BeFunky membership can save you money and ignite your creativity with everyday photos. I thought of a bunch of things I'll be using it for:

1. Scrapbooking

You can kick up your scrapbooking a few notches by using photos that have been manipulated to look like an oil painting, or grunge up the style, by adding blotches and scratches to the surface. The stickers, hats and mustaches applications can make a group photo of your teenager's soccer team fun and memorable. Also, use the old photo technique to add class to some of those high school dance pictures that always seem so awkward.

2. Christmas Cards

With custom frames, and Christmas decorations, you can save money on Christmas cards by designing your own.

3. New Baby Announcements

Add your own style to your new baby's birth announcements. Go modern, and do something that hasn't been done before to introduce the world to your new little miracle.

4. Wedding Gifts

Take a photo of the couple, an engagement picture, for example, and treat it with one of the sepia toned techniques to make it classic. Or treat it as a watercolor, or an oil painting. Throw it in a frame and you have a gorgeous wedding gift that they'll love.

5. Teen Birthday Gifts

Take a photo of your teen and treat it to a pop art theme and blow it up, poster size. Your daughter can have her own Andy Warhol-styled poster. Hopefully, you won't have to explain who Andy Warhol is.

6. Golden Anniversaries

Turn your favorite grandparents photo into artwork. Frame it and present it to them on their wedding anniversary.

The best part about BeFunky is the freedom to do just that. I didn't have to spend all day learning the program before I felt comfortable to start creating. And once I started creating, no one's photos were safe. I uploaded pictures from Facebook, edited them, and saved them back in Facebook, all without a hitch.

I toured the gallery to see what other people had accomplished with their BeFunky membership. I was impressed, and all the more inspired to work on more pictures. This is definitely a program aimed at a more funky than traditional bunch, but if art appeals to your senses more that a perfect picture shot, than this may just be the program you've been waiting for. The free program is good, but there are a considerable number of effects more that come with the membership. Also, the name, won't be in the corner of all your photos with the membership.

Check back Monday to find out how to enter for a chance to win a free Professional one-year subscription ($99.95 value)!