I'm not that easily impressed by free web greetings these days. I used to love them, but in the age of iPhones and Google Android, they're a bit dated. However, this one really caught me by surprise. And when my daughter saw it, she had a huge Cheshire Cat grin. It's a VERY personalized video message from Santa!

You have to create a log in to the Portable North Pole, which doesn't take long. Then, you get to personalize the information about the child you'd like to send the message to. And it's not a lame slide inserted into the video. It has sounds, video footage, everything. Here's what you need to provide to make this experience really wonderful for your child, grandkid, niece, nephew or any other kid (even a big one) that you know.

First, specify an age group. You get toddler, child, adult/teen who's been good, or even better, adult/teen who's been bad! This is an interesting way to get the message through that they need to be good or Santa ain't bringing anything nice.

Next, it's the age of the child, the sex, the child's first name, and then the state they live in (or if it's not in America, the country).

Depending on the age and goodness of the recipient, you'll then be asked to provide even more info that Santa can talk about. This includes what they did that was good, what gifts they want, eye color, hair color, and even what your kid wants to ask Santa (i.e. Does Santa eat all those cookies?).

You then get to upload a photo of your kid, and then finally, give a zip code and an email address to send it to (which will no doubt be your own, or another adult's).

The end result is so staggeringly specific that your kid really will be overwhelmed. Not only does Santa say your child's name and age, but also where they live, what they want, what they did to be good, and more.

It's a free application and it's well worth the five minutes it takes to set up. Go ahead, make someone's day and help to keep that illusion going for one more year.

And if you're not into that kind of thing, well, you don't have to send one. It's that simple really.