We're all busy. This is a parenting site. If anyone on here is thinking, "Wow, I get so bored during the day. I can't think of anything to do. Maybe I'll work out and do yoga," this article is not for you. But most of us are scrambling for time, and so our workouts get scrunched in at the end of the day when we're frazzled and exhausted and would rather sit in front of a good movie and eat ice cream. (If you're saying, "What workout?" — yeah, I get that, too.) So, it's no wonder we feel defeated at the end of every day and promise, "Tomorrow will be different."

The problem is, unless we change the way we work out, we're only fooling ourselves. And that means changing our thoughts on what a workout looks like. So here are some ideas to get you motivated to get the most out of those 20 minutes you have between laundry loads, the kid's playgroup, and fixing dinner.

Pick a Time of Day That You Feel Most Energized

If you're a morning person, I'm jealous — but work out in the morning. If the afternoon is your thing, then schedule your workout before the dinner rush kicks in and your youngest is napping. Late nights are great, too, if that's when your body is up to the task.

Schedule Your Workout

Once you've figured out a time, stick to it. Write it down on your day planner and keep a date with yourself. Remember, it's only 20 minutes.

Be consistent. Like a great relationship, you've got to keep that date with your body. Here's the biggest secret to working out. Are you ready? Consistency. It's better if you do a low-impact routine, like walking, every day for a year, than blast through a boot camp torture system three times before you pass out and quit. Slow and steady. Remember those flings with the bad boy or girl? Yes. Embarrassing, I know. We don't want that. We're looking for marriage material in a workout. In sickness and in health.

Repeat After Me, "Intervals Are My Friend"

If you have 20 minutes, walk in place for three and run in place as fast as you can for two. Or if you have a treadmill, walk flat for three minutes, then kick up the pace on an incline for two. This really gets your body going, because changing up the pace helps keeps your body interested. And we don't want a bored body, do we?

Keep It Fun

Going with our marriage picture, we want to keep our workout life spicy. All workout and no play makes me have a dull body. If you have Netflix, go through their queues and pick out some workout DVDs that interest you. I love the dance ones. Bonus: Toddlers like the dance DVDs, too.

Add Weights

This doesn't have to be complex. Even adding a small amount of resistance to your routine makes a huge difference. If you don't have weights, grab a couple of canned foods (the same kind to keep the weight the same), and lift your arms out and up as you go walking. Bring them up to your chest and back down again. You'll be shocked by how much more of a challenge this will add to your workout.

Move Outside of Your Workout Date

Just like dates with our spouses, we need to be checking in throughout the week to see how we're doing. Once you start this new relationship with your body, you'll be eager to keep it up. Do a few side steps while you're making dinner. Or Pandora some Latin beats and samba over spaghetti. Jump on a mini trampoline while you're watching a movie, and walk on it when you get exhausted.

Remember to keep drinking water through the days, see your doctor if you have any health concerns, and take it easy. Add high-fiber veggies that you can throw into everything to keep you full and help speed up your (ahem) digestion. (Carrots and cabbage are inexpensive and great for this.) Be nice to your body and it will return the favor. Have fun!

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