Put away the tie, novelty T-shirt, or gag gift for Dad. There's a new breed of dad in town and he wants Father's Day to be a little more meaningful.

Don't misunderstand. We love any gifts that you get for us. But we value our time with our family even more. So this year, give Dad what he really wants โ€” a chance to spend quality time having fun with the people he loves the most.

Here are a few simple, memorable ways to have a blast on Father's Day.

1. Take It Easy

Grab a few of dad's favorite foods, pack up the cooler and hit a nearby park for a relaxing afternoon. Bring along a Frisbee or wiffle ball and bat to toss in a little competition and you have a picture perfect day.

2. Start a New Tradition

In my family our list of "want-to's" is never ending. This Father's Day find out one of the items on dad's bucket list and try to make it a reality. OK, he may not be able to jam with the Red Hot Chili Peppers but I bet he's always wanted to enjoy an afternoon hiking a local trail with his family in tow or play a round of golf with his wife and kids at a new golf course. Maybe this is the time to splurge and do something you've never done before as a family.

3. Smile!

If you've been putting off hiring a photographer โ€” or better yet, asking your creative pal โ€” to take some family pics, wait no longer. This would be a great opportunity to dress up and memorialize a special family moment.

4. Family Vacation

Dad works hard. Dad helps take care of his family. Maybe it's time to reward him with a quick overnight trip to the mountains, beach, or other scenic spot within driving distance. You don't have to stay at a luxury hotel. You just need to be together.

5. Back to School

Does dad love to cook? Draw? Play tennis? How about signing the family up for a class at a local culinary school, art school or country club? It's guaranteed that dad will be thrilled you took one of his passions and made it fun for the whole family.

6. Keep It Simple

Sometimes the best answer is the simplest answer. Find a new recipe that the entire family can make together and spend the afternoon cooking, grilling, and hanging out. With our hectic lives, it can be challenging to find time to just be together and enjoy each other's company. Take advantage of this moment.

7. Game Night

Is dad a little competitive? Probably. Even if he's not, I'm sure he enjoys a good laugh with his kids. Dig out some fun games that everyone enjoys and get those competitive juices flowing. It'll be a memorable night.

8. No Phones!

The one thing that will please dad most of all is if you put your smartphones down and keep them off while you're together. There is nothing more infuriating than trying to spend time with those you love, only to have it interrupted every few minutes by a call, text, or email. This is family time. Savor it and make it sacrosanct.