Every year, over 650,000 children are reported missing. It's a horrible statistic, one that I hope none of you are ever a part of. So, request your FREE Child Safe ID Kit and get a little extra help at a time when you need it most.

No one ever wants to think that something could happen to their child. I know it sickens me to think that anything bad could ever happen to either of my two girls. However, that doesn't mean I won't take adequate precautions, just in case the worst should happen. That's why I ordered two of these FREE Child Safe ID kits recently, and I urge you all to check them out and do the same.

From the website:

These kits will continue to be provided at no cost to grandparents, parents, guardians, schools & child care centers in communities nationwide. Every hour it takes to get the facts to local authorities the search radius expands by over 60 miles. The situation becomes even more difficult when parents do not speak English fluently or children have been abducted by a "trusted"/non-custodial parent.


Do you remember what your child wore to school today?
Do you know your child's blood type?
Can you find a recent photo quickly?
How long will it take to get dental records?
Are you in a custody battle?

The ID Kit is an invaluable source of data on your children. It gives parents and guardians a quick and easy way to record vital statistics about their children which they may not be able to recall or find quickly in a time of crisis and confusion. Along with the obvious physical descriptions, address, name, age and so on, they include a constantly updated photograph (every six months) and fingerprints.

Some online outlets are charging for these kits, but you can get them free at this link. Don't miss out, get your kits today and get this added level of assurance as soon as possible. It's a free service, and it could be the most important product you ever order on the internet.

Note: Main image is of Madeleine McCann. Read more about her story here.