It's summer time, but with the warm months and lazy days comes the chore of finding some way to entertain those bored children roaming around your house. Unfortunately, many children's activities can burn a hole in your wallet. But there are many worthwhile options for family fun this summer, you just have to do a little research (or make your kids to do it).

1. Museums

Check with your local museums for weekly or monthly "kids get in free" days. Take advantage of this. If your kids love it, you can go more than once.

2. Zoos

If you are lucky enough to have a zoo nearby but don't visit it often because of the ticket price, check their web site or give them a call to see if they have a discounted summer price or a "kids get in free" day.

3. Outdoor Concerts

Little kids love to dance and to be outdoors. Combine the two at a free outdoor concert. Many communities hold free family concerts throughout the summer.

4. Movies

Movie theaters across the country offer free or discounted tickets for children (and even parents) in the summer. Those that offer free movies for kids include:

Some that offer cheap tickets include:

Check theaters in your area for similar deals.

5. Bowling

Register your children at and they can receive two free games of bowling every day all summer long. This saves a ton of money for a family with just one kid, never mind larger families. So strap on those bowling shoes, Mom — you're headed to the lanes.

6. Tour

Many local businesses such as pizzerias or television stations, as well as community spots including firehouses, will let you and your children tour their building for free. Your child can learn about her favorite pizza, how television works, or what it takes to be a firefighter.

7. Build

Home improvement stores, including Lowe's and Home Depot, offer free summer clinics or workshops for children interested in building. Visit the customer service desk at your local store for more information.

8. Arts and Crafts

Michael's offers a free Make-it Take-it program for kids. Go to to find the crafty events in your local store.

9. Movie Camp

Apple holds free camps for kids ages 8-12 to teach them about iMovie and how to make films. Perfect for your little techie.

10. Sports Clinics

You may be able to find free and low cost sports lessons for your kids this summer including baseball, golf, and tennis. Check with your local sports stores to find out if they offer these programs.

You can always find inexpensive ways to have fun as a family and keep your kids happy and occupied through the summer. Do a bit of investigating and don't forget the classic cheap summer fun activities including picnics, playing at the local park, flying kites, and visiting your local library for story time.