Throughout the United States, nearly 1.4 million children are currently being homeschooled. Depending on your child's ability levels and specific special needs, you may find that homeschooling is a great option for her.

One-on-One Time

Whether in the general education classroom or in a separate special needs setting, it is nearly impossible for every child to get a large amount of one-on-one time with her teacher. Each child in the class will have different ways of learning and the teacher must find ways to reach all of them. With a parent as the teacher, your child will receive a good amount of one-on-one time with the person who understands her best.

Tailored Learning

Homeschooling allows you to structure learning to fit your child's needs, abilities and personality. Since there's no travel time involved in homeschooling, your child gets the benefit of more time actively learning plus the opportunity for more breaks. This is great for kids with attention deficit disorder.

Real World Learning

With you as her guide, you can take your child's lessons into the real world whenever the mood strikes. Trips to the grocery store can turn into math lessons and you can plan field trips to area museums. You can even meet up with other homeschoolers for a fun field trip together.

Better Relationships With the Pros

If your child needs the benefits of having a tutor or a speech and language pathologist, you get to choose which ones to work with. You will also be able to observe their interactions with your child while building a personal relationship with each of them. This gives you the power to decide which professionals are in your child's life.

Fewer Germs

Another great benefit is that your child will be able to avoid all of the germs that fill a regular school. This is especially good for children with compromised immune systems or with chronic health conditions like cystic fibrosis — which my daughter lives with. The common cold has the potential to make her sick enough to warrant a two-week hospital stay. Therefore, the fewer the germs she is exposed to, the better.

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