Spring is the perfect opportunity for families to get up-to-date on all things medical. Whether you have one child or six, a child with special health needs or a typical child, it's equally important to arm yourself with knowledge on everything from the medications in your cabinet to handling a medical emergency.

Get the Medication Facts

Some children take medication on a daily basis. Others may only take meds on rare occasions of illness. Either way, according to the FDA's guide Giving Medication to Children, if you give your child a dose of anything, it's important to know the ingredients, what dose to give, when to give it, and all of the possible side effects. Read the label twice. Many over the counter and prescription medications have not been tested on children, so it is vital to be aware and keep an eye on your child. If she does experience a reaction, call the doctor.

Disposing of Medication

The FDA has created different regulations for the disposal of medications depending on the type of drug. When disposing of medication, you should read the label to see if there are specific instructions. The FDA offers a basic guideline of information on when and how to dispose of unused medication.

First-Aid Know-How

It is extremely frightening for a parent to not know what to do when her child is injured. Being prepared will help both you and your child respond to the situation more calmly. Basic First Aid for Parents from Life123 provides easy-to-follow tips on handling common injuries.

In Case of Emergency

Choking is just one of the scary events that can occur for both parent and child. Most parents know how to prevent choking, but aren't prepared for what to do if their child does choke. The same goes for children and drowning. All parents should take a first aid class, and keep resources on the fridge just in case, including the Choking Rescue Procedure for Babies, the Conscious Choking Guide, and CPR Instructions.

Preparing for Disaster

Being prepared for a disaster is important for both caring for your children during and after the event, as well as helping them to feel safe every other day. Preparing for Disaster with Children will help you plan for that day we hope never comes.

As parents, we want to do the best we can to care for our children, but we often get caught up in the day-to-day business of living and are left paralyzed when a medical emergency occurs. With a bit of knowledge and preparedness we have the power to help save our child's life.