Every mom and dad needs tools for refreshment and encouragement: sometimes, fun, sometimes relaxing — but always the simple life pleasures that help keep us in a good spirit, set an example for our children, and energize us to be better moms and dads.

Stressed? Worn out? Just need an idea or two? We have gathered some awesome "Happy Parent" tips from resources just for you.

Come On, Get Happy

Get the inside scoop with Secrets to Being a Happy Mom or Dad from Babble. It's a look at what 7 parents revealed about staying happy in the midst of raising kids. You might be surprised at what they had to say.

Take some refreshing reminders with 8 Ways to Be a Happier Mom, from Woman's Day magazine. Moments of solitude, a "break" day from regular work, and getting friends back on calendar are all important steps for moms and dads.

Don't discount those endorphins. The Best Healthy Living Dad Advice from FitSugar concentrates on the healthy living aspects that contribute to both happiness and health.

Catch up on psychology and happy secrets with How to Be a Happier Mom from Parenting.com.

Happier with Kids: What's that you say? Check out Parents — Especially Dads — Are Happier Than Their Childless Pals from Time: Health & Family. The author concedes that other studies produce different conclusions, but compares the studies and what they reveal about parenting and happiness. She also discusses the intriguing concept of the "parenthood paradox."

Click through 25 Secrets of Happy Moms at Parents.com for fun, fabulous, totally doable tips.

Happy Family Tips From Our Squad

The day-to-day ways our writers try and encourage joy in our own families - whether it's a breather for us, or making sure we're on our best behavior for our kids.

"Every night, I check on my sleeping kids before going to bed. Ever notice how innocent they look when they're sleeping, even after a frustrating day? I remind myself that they're excited about what tomorrow is going to bring, so I am, too!" — Kelli Robinson

"I schedule time for me. Without it, I eventually lose my mind!" — Nancy Flanders

"Stand up for what's right around your kids. You're setting a great example that will come in handy when they face their own bullies." — Maggie Wells

"I consciously set aside time or something special for myself each week. It could be a stroll around the mall or a hot bath, even the smallest thing can help to renew my spirit. I also tell my kids I love them, and give them a hug every day." — Mary Davis

"I try to stay in the moment, especially when I'm stressed. Also, when everyone is upset, I remind myself that, most likely, things will be better in 15 minutes." — Sarah Winfrey

"Get goofy. When the stress-level is too high, and one of my kids has lost their temper, and I'm about to (or already have), sometimes I can cross my eyes, or say something extra silly that throws them off a bad track, and back on the happy train. — Rhonda Franz

"When I'm having a rough day with my kids, I like to end the day writing in my gratitude journal to remind myself of the day's little blessings. Sometimes I find it hard to come up with concrete exampls from the day, but I can always spy the glimmers of goodness that got buried in the chaos of the day" — Christa Melnyk Hines

"Lots of hugs and kisses, especially when the kids are misbehaving and on your last nerve!" — David James

"Remember the big picture. So many of the challenges we face as parents are also amazing learning opportunities. If we can just manage to shift our perspective and see them that way. And to help lighten up, and not take it all so seriously - wine. Always wine." Alyssa Chirco

What are your "go-to" happy moments? What tips can you share with other parents?