Juggling the demands of kids, work, and a household continues to be one of the greatest struggles that parents face. The "How do I get it all done?"  battle cry spans generations. We get things done faster, and more efficiently...so that we can add more to our plates. That's why we're seeing parents relying on their smartphones as a much-needed virtual assistant. Will the smartphone help us find that elusive life-work balance? Read on for 5 tips for making the most of your smartphone:

Manage Your To-Do List on Your Phone

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to keep track of post-it notes, scraps of paper, and memo pads. Use a notes or to-do list app to keep your tasks at your fingertips. Wunderlist, Teux Deux, and Remember the Milk all offer easy task managment and list creation.

Use the Calendar and Reminder Functions

No more storing birthday party dates, school functions, and family obligation in your head — or even on the fridge. Use the calendar on your phone to schedule appointments and to set reminders. It's smart to schedule appointments for self-care — go ahead and enter "go to the gym" or "get a pedicure" — and then keep that date!

Keep Your Phone Handy

To make the most of what your phone can do, keep it at arm's reach! The Wedge by Toddy can help. Rhonda Franz of Parenting Squad tried out The Wedge.

"My phone rests on The Wedge in my kitchen, where my kids and I listen to tunes while preparing breakfast in the morning, and can grab it when I think of something to add to the grocery list — the most efficient way to make sure I have the list in hand when I walk out the door. The Wedge keeps my phone off of damp counters, allows me to easily see the screen, and sends music and news in my direction from the phone's speaker. It also saves me time. No more scanning the room for the flat surface that is camouflaging my phone — it's right there, propped up in plain sight."

Toddy also offers the Smart Cloth — in invaluable resource for removing little kid fingerprints from the screen, or handling smudges left behind after eating lunch at one's desk!

Explore All That Your Phone Has to Offer

The Balancing Act has partnered with Verizon to help women discover all of the ways that digital technology can enhance their life. Learn how to adjust your phone's settings to ensure that it meets your needs. You likely have alarm, ringtone, and reminder options that will help you to "code" various alerts.

Add the Best Apps

Ask your friends which apps they rely on, or pose the question on your favorite social networking site. Here at Parenting Squad, we've researched Meal Planning Apps, Homework Apps, and Pregnancy Apps — all aimed at helping you manage your busy life. We'd love to hear from you, too! Leave a comment telling us what apps you can't live without.

Disclosure: We received The Wedge and Smart Cloth by Toddy to check out for purposes of review. Check out special promos for these products at ToddyGear.com