Looking for a key item to purchase this month? Here are the items you should be buying now, thanks to some super savings.

1. Vacuum Cleaners

Yes, just in time for spring cleaning, vacuum cleaners will be discounted from now until the new models roll out in June. If you’re looking for a new one, this is your chance to save some money on this high cost, but must-have item.

2. Winter Clothing

The clothing still left over from winter is going to be super cheap. I just scored some cute clothes for next winter for my three girls and you can do the same. I mean, $3 for a cute dress? Sold!

3. Spring Clothing

Since spring clothing typically heads to stores in February, you’ll see prices starting to drop by mid-April. Get ready to shop for some good prices on spring clothing you'll need for the upcoming warmer weather!

4. Post-Easter Deals

Easter was early this year, which means right now, Easter décor will be deeply discounted. This may even include items that don’t scream Easter, and can be used to decorate your home throughout the spring and summer.

5. Gardening Supplies

Spring weather means that items you need for sprucing up your yard or starting your own garden will be on sale. From seeds and rakes to soil and gloves, you’ll find what you need without paying full price.

6. Sneakers

It’s that time of year when more people take up the sport of running. Thanks to this push, sneakers are discounted, and you can get your family these much needed items for a lower price.

7. Seasonal Foods

Food items that are available in abundance this time of year will be on sale at the best prices. Right now, these items include asparagus, strawberries, and pineapples.

8. Tax Day

Lots of businesses offer free items on tax day (April 15), so keep your eye out for deals near you!

What are you planning to buy in April?