Christmas music is playing in every store you enter and somehow the festive decorations and tunes always seem to stir your holiday spirit. All the shopping and preparations can be overwhelming and stressful on you and your budget. Put your worries aside by following some of these easy tips on how a family can find savings during this Christmas season.

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards do not have to be sent to everyone every year. Recycle them by cutting off the pretty front side and resending it as a postcard. Then you’re both recycling, which is good for the environment, and paying less for postage. Or only send cards to certain family members who you rarely get to visit.

Holiday Parties

Parties and gatherings are a wonderful way to bring family and friends together but there is a way to get around hosting a costly dinner. Invite your guests to arrive at 7 o’clock or later, after the dinner hour, and serve hors d’oeurvres, finger foods, snacks, and desserts along with a few drink selections.


Family sleepovers can present a dilemma. If you know well in advance that some family members will be there for an over night or extended stay, plan ahead where everyone will sleep to be sure enough space is available. Cots, linens and air mattresses are often on sale during the summer season.

Holiday Shopping

Shopping during sales and special offers will help you save significantly with your Christmas gift list. Many clothing and department stores put coupons in their sales papers in addition to current sale prices.

Remember the Dollar Store

It’s perfectly acceptable to patronize your local dollar store. Even though some of their products are as cheap in quality as they are in price, many dollar stores have some really attractive gift bags and bows. Dollar stores are also a good source for disposable aluminum pans and extra plastic serving bowls. Save some of your nicer paper and bows this Christmas to use for next year. New wrapping paper and decorations should always be bought on sale or the day after Christmas, when some stores have their holiday items marked down 75%.

Nature's Decorations

To stretch your decorating dollars, use nature. Pine cones, holly, crow’s feet, and creeping cedar are lovely for the Christmas holiday.

These are just some of the many ideas you can use for family savings during this Christmas season. Using these tips can help you save significantly and those savings can be used towards gifts or put into a bank account to accumulate interest.