Hey moms and dads! Whether you are working on chores yourselves, or teaching responsibility to your children by making sure they do theirs, house work and home projects are constant on the never-ending to-do list. Take the sting out of the work, save time, and get the jobs done by taking hold of the tips found in these chore-happy resources.

1. Involve Everyone!

How to Do a Family Chore Day guides you through making a family work day a big success. Learn how to assign jobs, set a time limit, and make the whole thing fun.

2. Decrease Laundry Levels

Who wants less laundry? That's right, raise your hand. 10 Ways to Do Less Laundry shows you what it takes to cut down on the washing, the drying, the sorting, and the folding. Seriously, who has time for all cleaning all those clothes?

3. De-Clutter

Sometimes, moms have to do the dirty work. How To Clear The Clutter From Your Kid's Room will take you, step-by-step, on a de-cluttering mission through your child's bedroom. When you have completed the 6 surprisingly swift steps, be sure you don't skip number 7: your treat.

4. Go Green

Chemical cleaners can be a hazard to your health, and are dangerous for young children โ€” not to mention the strong odors and concerns about using certain cleaners in certain places. 7 Ways to Naturally Clean Your Home will show you the simplest, all-natural cleaning ideas so you can scrub away worry-free on any surface in the house.

5. Simplify Meals

Making 21 meals a week is a big job. Get some help with grocery lists, recipes, and all of that planning with Parents' Best Recipe and Meal Planning Websites โ€” chosen by the cookin' readers of Parenting Squad. While you're at it, use your kitchen time as quality time and teaching time with Dinners Your Kindergarten Cook Can Help Prepare.

6. Start Young

Not sure what jobs you can pass one to the next generation? And when? 43 Chores Young Children Can Do is the long list. They may not like it, but you certainly will. For the chores they can't do, check out Easy Ways To Keep A House (Relatively) Clean With Small Kids. It's possible โ€” you'll see.

7. Get Organized

Are you tired of straightening the same books on the bookshelf every day? Have you been slipping and sliding on misplaced matchbook cars? Are your kids bored with the same old toys? Toy Organization That Actually Works is just what the doctor ordered.

There you have it, moms and dads. Everyday chores, made easy easier. Consider your to-do list done.