Fall is a great time of year to get outside with the kids and have some fun. But even if you don't consider yourself "outdoorsy" you can still get the exercise your family needs, keep the kids busy, toss in a bit of learning fun, and tucker them out for an easy bed time. All you have to do is a little bit of planning. But we've basically done that for you. It's your fall family treasure hunt hike.

All you have to do is print out this list and take it with you on a family walk. You can walk around your neighborhood. You can hike on a local trail. Or you can even head up a mountain. However you want to do it, this is guaranteed fun for your little ones. Just check off the items they find as they find them and have a small treat waiting at home for when you find everything on the list.



  • A red leaf___
  • An orange leaf___
  • A green leaf___
  • An acorn___
  • A squirrel___
  • A dandelion___
  • A pine cone___
  • A maple seed___
  • A piece of garbage (to bring home and toss or recycle)___
  • A perfect skipping rock (to skip on the lake now or later)___
  • A bird___
  • Moss___
  • A bug___
  • A spider web___
  • Mud___

You can kick things up a notch with older kids by having them look for animal tracks or listen for birds singing. Make it a competition for them with a prize for the person who finds all the items first.

Record your treasure hunt by taking photos of what you find. Then keep the fun going by bringing home leaves to do a leaf rubbing with. You can also help develop your child's memory by having him draw pictures of what he found after you get home. No matter what you do, your child will be learning, having fun, and exercising. And so will you.