It has been a hard few years for those facing layoffs, foreclosures, overspending, and high debt. Although all money problems do not necessarily have a set solution, educating children about money and how to handle their finances is crucial to helping them acquire good financial habits.

Use these articles, games, and ideas from around the web that give parents guidance on teaching kids everything from counting coins, to the value of a dollar, to the importance of saving.

Games and Activities

Fun Games That Teach Money Skills

Check out the manipulatives and money games at Sure, there's always Monopoly, but younger children do not really need to concern themselves with acquiring big-time pursuits like Boardwalk and Park Place. Many of these games help teach basic math skills and money value using various board game strategies.

Materials and Activities has activity ideas and printable coloring and work papers that can be used to teach kids about finances. Check out classroom and home activities in their "Games and Stuff" section, or the printable Coloring Pages that help kids practice coin matching and counting.

Solutions for Kids has excellent kid-friendly articles and strategies for kids to use themselves when working on saving and spending concepts. Children can click on the topics on the right of the page under "Topics on Managing Money." Each topic also teaches important money management terms such as cash flow, savings plan, expenses, and the difference between needs and wants.

Teaching With Allowance

Children and Allowance

There are different schools of thought on whether or not children should receive an allowance. The article from MSN Money, Should your kids get an allowance?" rests on the "yes" side of the debate, while Dave Ramsey, financial expert and creator of the Financial Peace University believes that young people should work for every dime.

Fun and Creative Ways to Teach Finances

"15 Ways to Teach Kids About Money" at has some great tips for teaching practical monetary skills to children. One of the many pieces of good advice the author gives in this article is that making goals for money saving is a fundamental part of the process. He also advocates keeping track of money saved and money spent by way of an envelope cash system, while encouraging children to make notes about how they spent their money.

"5 Creative Ways to Teach Kids About Money" offers practical advice for including the topic of finance in a daily routine with your child.

"Top 10 Fun Ways to Teach Your Child the Value of Money" from includes small, simple ideas for even young children. Taking them to the bank and having them help mail the bill payments are just a couple of small steps that can help young people develop awareness early on that stuff costs money.

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