Fall is here, and with it comes with a variety of fun learning activities parents can do with their young children at home to build and practice a variety of skills and concepts. Check out these ideas from around the web that help young students practice numbers, reading, science, and math.

Arts and Science

Educational Games and Activities

  • Courtesy of the Fishing for Ideas for Preschoolers site, print these cute squirrels and acorns on heavy printing paper, card stock, or construction paper. If you can, laminate (or use plastic card covers), and lay them out on the floor to teach your child how to match numerals. To add more fun for young ones, collect real acorns from a yard or play ground with lots of trees and practice counting out the number of acorns for each squirrel. (If you would prefer them in color, click here).
  • Just for fun (and to practice fine motor skills): Turkey in the Straws game.
  • An Autumn Word Search printable for vocabulary and spelling practice.
  • Children can work on visual perception and hand-eye coordination with Autumn-themed maze printables.


Try the following recipes with your children. Do not forget to let them help measure and mix the ingredients — as well as clean up when you are finished. Working through a recipe is good for reading, following directions, and math and measurement concepts.


Check out these great books to use as resources or supplements for the above activities, to create your own lesson, or just for good reading:

  • Look What I Did With a Leaf! By Morteza E. Sohi
  • Too Many Pumpkins by Linda White
  • The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Wise Brown
  • The Lonely Scarecrow by Tim Preston
  • Johnny Appleseed Goes a Planting, a Troll First-Start Tall Tale