Are there toys in your house that are gathering dust? Let that be the first sign that it's time to start cleaning out the playroom or basement and begin the difficult process of getting rid of some beloved toys.

In theory it sounds easy — the kids haven't spent much time with the ride-on tractor or dollhouse, so you can just pack it up and get rid of it, right? It's not nearly so simple. That's because of the sentimental attachment many of us have with our kids' toys.

"Her grandparents gave her that toy," you might think. Or "I remember how he learned to stand up using that walker," you might say to yourself.

Lose those Sentimental Feelings. One of the most important things you can do is to be cold about the process. See if you can separate your emotion from the situation and objectively decide which toys have enough sentimental value to keep. If you can accomplish that, it will help you begin to rid your home of the unused toys. If you have trouble making these decisions, ask your spouse to weigh in.

Sort. Another option is to make piles — a keep pile, a sell pile and a donate pile. Once the toys are separated, look at the keep pile again and try to continue paring it down. It's likely that you can still remove a few other toys and rid yourself of even more clutter.

Make Some Cash. Of course, Craigslist and eBay are great options to sell items. You can also sell them through consignment stores, hold a yard sale or find a church group that is doing a rummage sale.

Donate. You might also have friends who are expecting and might be grateful to receive a box of gently used toys. This is one reason it's always helpful to keep manuals for toys, in case they make their way to a new owner.

This might also be a great opportunity to include your children in the process. If they're old enough they can help decide which toys have outlived their usefulness or simply aren't played with much anymore. Plus, they might see it as a great opportunity to go out and buy some new toys to replace them!