Summer, with its many pool parties, block parties and other social events, is prime season for potlucks. And even if you don't have the time — or patience — to spend hours in the kitchen, you can still show up with a great dish that will wow the crowd. These simple and delicious options are sure to please kids and adults (okay, occasionally just adults) alike.

Fruit Salad — With a Twist

Fruit salad is a summer staple because it's always cool and refreshing. If you need a last-minute potluck dish and have plenty of fruit on hand, slice it up, toss it together in a beautiful bowl and add approximately half a packet of instant vanilla pudding mix.

Or, if you won't be feeding kids, make an "adult fruit salad" by slicing up strawberries and covering them with whipped cream vodka. Let these soak for at least an hour and they will taste exactly like Strawberry Shortcake. Word to the wise, they will also require you to find a designated driver.

A Delicious Dip

Make it a sweet day by mixing up this quick Monster Cookie Dough Dip (which is a huge hit with kids), or find other quick and easy dip recipes in Buzzfeed's 25 Easy Party Dips You Can Make in 20 Minutes.

To make things even easier, keep a variety of gourmet dip mixes in your pantry and all you'll need to do is mix them into some sour cream. Add a few pretzels, graham crackers, or crudite and you're ready to wow your friends.

Creative Canapes

From prosciutto, salami and smoked salmon to soft cheeses and savory jams to salty olives and fresh veggies, canape toppings know no limits. All you need are small pieces of good bread and and a little imagination to create bite-sized appetizers any crowd will love. Don't have bread or trying to go Paleo? Thread everything on a skewer instead.

Snack Mix

Snack mix doesn't have to be boring — and it's an inventive way to stretch the ingredients in your pantry. Nuts, dried fruits, banana chips, chocolate chips, dried chickpeas, chips, pretzels, popcorn, can add just about anything you like. For special holidays, add colored M&M's.

A Store Bought Dessert… In Your Own Dish

No time to cook, but not ready to admit you stopped at the store? Pick up a pie or cake, transfer it into your own dish and potluck guests will be none the wiser. Afraid you're being dishonest? Don't be. This is the oldest trick in the book, and chances are good that you aren't the only one who is using it.