I always get excited when Kipkay sends me an email. This morning, he told me about this great way to make a pair of $40 spy sunglasses. This looks like a great project you can do with the kids (minus the recording at the beach.... daddy should do that on his own time.)

How To: Spy Sunglasses! - For more funny videos, click here


Tools you need:

  • Soldering station
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire Strippers/snips
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • 9 Volt battery
  • Small Camcorder

Specs for the camera:

Micro Color Spy Camera that records audio and has an optional 9 volt power clip. ($17.95 on Ebay) Here are the spec of the camera Kipkay used:

  • NTSC 380 TV Lines
  • 2 LUX
  • Effective Element: 510x492
  • Viewing angle: 30 ~ 35 degrees
  • Automatic Iris, Exposure with adjustable focus
  • Viewing Distance: 50 mm to infinity
  • Full Motion Real Time Color Video without delay
  • Operating Voltage: 9-Volt Battery or AC-DC +8V 200mA Power Adapter
  • Operating Duration by Battery: 10 hours on Duracell or Energizer Alkaline Battery

I did a search on eBay and it looks like Kipkay's $17 estimate is pretty accurate.

The only question I have which isn't addressed in the video is how will the wires be hidden in the back? Maybe you can wear a ear piece and convince people that the wires are for your cell phone or MP3 player.

What is this good for?

  • Record your married boss hitting on the secretary. Hello raise! Record your married boss hitting on you... hello retirement!
  • Don't tase me bro or I'll broadcast it to the Internets.
  • Record all your (winning) arguments with your spouse so you can replay it over and over again.
  • Yeah, let's face it, you're going to the beach aren't you?

Enjoy yourself and remember to use this responsibly!