With the Christmas holiday just around the corner, the majority of Americans do more than a little shopping during the month of December. In a mad dash to get your gifts under the tree? We've rounded up the deals, gift ideas, and money-saving tips you need in order to wrap up all your holiday shopping.

Hot December Deals

You may be focused on the upcoming holidays, but remember that winter is still a good time to purchase off-season items at rock bottom prices. Swimwear, outdoor furniture, gardening supplies, and even wedding dresses are all heavily discounted this month.

Other items that are good to buy in December: bikes, tools, cookware, gaming consoles, cars, and champagne (which typically goes on sale prior to New Year's Eve). Christmas decorations are also usually at their cheapest in December — but only if you buy them after December 25.

Tips for Saving Money in December

  • In this handy infographic from Savings.com, it's easy to see which days of the months you should be shopping for what. According to the website, clothing prices are lowest from December 17-24, but prices on hot holiday toys tend to be at their lowest before December 7.
  • FatWallet.com will feature December Holiday Deals every day from December 1-24, and After Holiday Clearance Deals from December 25-31.
  • In Wise Bread's 5 Steps to Stress-Free Holiday Gift-Giving, one of the best suggestions is to "do things instead of buying things." Don't get caught up in the buying frenzy, and you'll save yourself some serious cash.
  • Stick to your list — and your budget — by using one or more Christmas shopping apps. Apps can help you manage your time, thoughts, and money this holiday season, and The Centsible Life has a great list of The Best Money Saving Apps for Holiday Shopping.
  • Don't forget the post-holiday Christmas clearance sales. If you can wait until the final week of December, you'll see big savings on clothes, books, movies, and more.

Gift Guides to Get You Through

You almost always shop more efficiently when you have a plan. Avoid impulse buying (and overspending) this December by perusing some of the many helpful gift guides that are available online. A few of our favorites include:

What items are you buying this December? How do you save money on holiday shopping?