Before my twins arrived, my husband and I never gave a thought to how we'd cultivate our marriage and relationship post-partum. There were more seemingly pressing issues, like nursing two babies at once, how we'd ever afford enough diapers and sleep? anyone? sleep?

After the zombie-like state wore off, some where around 3 months which directly coincided with my children sleeping through the night, we found ourselves with more and more time together after putting the babes to bed. Immediately, the idea of a date night came to mind, but since neither of us has family close by, and we weren't quite ready to seek out a babysitter, we invented Date Night In.

Every Friday night, Max and Sara drifted off sometime around 7pm which left a good 8 to 10 hours of kid-free time. In the spirit of full disclosure, some Date Nights, we slept. Occasionally, we'd find ourselves in bed, *ahem* reconnecting. Most evenings, though, we'd throw a call to our local Chinese restaurant, order take out, rent a movie, flop onto the couch and enjoy each others' company. Recently, we've added some new activities to the Date In repertoire, including a Nintendo Wii.

Even now, after celebrating our third year of surviving twins, we still take one evening each week to celebrate us, as parents, as human beings, but mostly, as a married couple. And we never have to leave our house.