Heads up, parents! Your child's head is down in that mobile device — do you know what they're doing? While parents have taken precautions to help guard their child's laptop and computer use, many moms and dads don't have the knowledge, the savvy, or the tools to guard their children's actions with mobile devices and gaming consoles.

John Walsh, father of a murdered son, Emmy-winning host of America's Most Wanted, and child safety advocate for more than 20 years, has partnered with Cox to inform parents about the newest online risks and tools to help parents keep their children safe in the cyber world.

Quick tips from Mr. Walsh:

  1. Parent up. You are their parent, so be the parent, not their best friend.
  2. Open the lines of communication between you and your child.
  3. Look for more information, tools, and resources at Take Charge! at Cox.com.