I don’t know about you, but I’m tired.

In fact, I’m so tired, I have trouble even thinking about how tired I am. Such is the life of a stay-at-home parent.

Parenthood is like a marathon, except that it’s one that you run every day, and well into the evening, as well. It’s difficult enough to have your sleep interrupted, but then to hit the ground running and attend to your kids needs throughout the day requires stamina of the highest order.

When I was young and single, I would have simply stretched out on my couch and taken a two hour nap. Sure, I’d feel like hell when I woke up, and I’d have trouble sleeping that night, but the delicious feeling that envelopes you as you begin to drift off is what ranks sleep right up there with food and sex.

Unfortunately, as every parent knows, nobody over the age of five is going to take such a nap. So with this in mind, I’d like to share some tips that have helped me get through the day and allowed me to the responsible parent that my kids need me to be.

1. Take short, stealth naps - I know, this contradicts what I just said about naps, but the key word here is “short,” which I take to mean quick five-to-ten minute snoozes. I myself could lie down right now and be asleep within five minutes, and being the light sleeper that I am, would awaken at the sound of my kids voices, or, as is more often the case, when they start jumping on my head. Either way, I wake up feeling like a new man.

2. Drink lots of water - Experts seem to indicate that a lot of fatigue is the result of dehydration, as I’m sure many of you have heard. Besides, drinking water throughout the day will force you to go the bathroom, which is always welcome break.

3. Break the monotony - A variety of activities is much more interesting than one single, prolonged task. Divide up your activities so that you can get a break, even if it’s as simple as stepping outside or going to the bathroom.

4. Get Outside - You can’t beat the invigoration of the great outdoors. There’s a reason that children and animals thrive in it, and best of all, kids seem to kick into auto-pilot once they get past that door, leaving you some free time.

5. Wear sunglasses - I’ve found that along giving me headaches, too much glare makes me tired. This is especially true when I’m driving, which is the last place that you want to feel fatigued.

6. Eat smaller meals - Avoid foods loaded with carbs, which include pasta, bread and excessive sugar. Small meals that include more protein and fiber will not only make you feel better, but your pancreas will thank you.

7. Exercise - It goes without saying that some activity is good for you. It doesn’t take much, and even stretching exercises will go a long way to getting your blood pumping.

8. Turn off the TV - I can’t stress this one enough. Nothing saps your energy, makes your brain go soft, or for that matter, corrupts your thoughts more than TV.

9. Listen to music - Sometimes monotony (hearing the same Wiggles song over and over) has a soporific effect on me. With this in mind, I’d like to suggest listening to the radio, where the variety and uncertainty of hearing a song you love or hate will keep you on your toes.

10. Engage your brain - There’s a reason Woody Allen calls it his second-favorite organ. Though it’s not a muscle, it needs to be exercised like one, so engage your mind. Think about the things around you, learn something new. Your kids do it during their every waking moment, so why not join them?

Some of you may be wondering why I didn’t include stimulants like coffee or tea, but speaking only for myself, I’ve found that anything more than my morning cup starts to have the reverse effect, and I begin to feel terrible. Then, to compensate for my misery, I drink even more, and the vicious cycle continues.

In the end, there’s no perfect cure for exhaustion other than sleep, but our responsibilities as parents require us to be there for our kids. That doesn’t mean that it has to be torture, however, and like all things in life, with the right approach, not only can your day be bearable, but it can even be enjoyable, as well.

And as a wise man once said, with the right attitude, you can walk through walls. Or was it move mountains?

Don't ask me, I’m too tired to remember.