A down economy, a high unemployment rate, and an uncertain financial forecast create demand for workers whose education best fits needs in the current work force. With fewer jobs available, college students need to think about their interests and talents, but also consider jobs where workers are needed most.

Increasing Demand

John Hyde, Dean at the Office of Career Services at New York Institute of Technology, lists a number of degrees that have increased in demand at his school. These include:

  • Business Management
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Accounting and Finance

Hyde says that all of these degrees, including some listed below, are related to supporting service organizations. He expects the demand for such degrees to continue for the foreseeable future.

According to some of the latest information, several other degrees are particularly in demand by employers. Yahoo! Education lists the top degrees that got people hired in 2010. Health Care degrees, Computer Science, and Marketing are at the top of the list when it comes to what companies need from prospective employees.

Health Care

We are not likely to run out of a need for well-educated doctors, nurses, technicians, and those who support them in patient care and knowledge of medicine. Hyde points out that as our population ages, there will continue to be high demand for health care workers.

Computer Science

Computers (in one form or another) are certainly here to stay, and the effect of marketing on everything from retail products to business advertisement to publications has made a huge impact since the invention — and good use — of the Internet.


With the rapid development of technology, advertising potential, and companies' needs to compete internationally, a degree in this field could be a very valuable investment.

Online Programs and Alternative Schedules

Many colleges and universities around the country have created online degree programs, or programs whose classes fit non-traditional student schedules. These programs can be a huge help to single parents, adults with families, and others whose work schedules do not permit class attendance during the day. According to Business Pundit, some of the most popular online programs include K-12 Education, Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Health Administration. Health degrees and Engineering make a repeat appearance in this Top Ten list.

For opportunities in your area, check with local technical schools, university offices, and community colleges for information about degree programs that can be completed from the convenience of your own home.

Paying for School

Whether you are looking for financial aid or scholarship money, the process of funding an education can be daunting. Ask for scholarship information from the institution you are interested in, and be sure to put your computer skills to work. Scholarships.com allows potential students to search for scholarship information by state, major, and grade level. Even sports scholarships can be included in the search.

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