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The Apron Strings Have a Long Reach: Moms and Boys

Posted March 31, 2010 by Fred Lee

Having a good relationship with his mother can have a profound and long-lasting influence on a boy's behavior.

Get Where You're Going: Strategies For Being On Time

Posted March 24, 2010 by Rhonda Franz

If punctuality isn’t one of your strong points, these tips may help. Bringing up your children to do the same may also help them to develop the habit of being on time into adulthood.

Family Routines and Obesity

Posted March 22, 2010 by Fred Lee

Family meals, TV, and sleep influence obesity in preschoolers.

Fathers Can Influence A Child’s Future Relationships

Posted March 19, 2010 by Fred Lee

The presence of a father in a child's life may affect their relationships as adults.

Book Review: Slob Proof: Real-Life Design Solutions

Posted March 18, 2010 by Lain Ehmann

Matching your sofa upholstery to the shade of the P in your kids' PB&J sandwich may not be your idea of high style, but you could do worse. According to interior designer Debbie Wiener, author of "Slob Proof: Real-Life Design Solutions" (Alpha, 2010), "Real-life design isn't art -- it's smart!"

Sleepy Teens May Have Biological Excuse

Posted March 16, 2010 by Fred Lee

Lack of sleep can adversely affect the lives of teenagers, and may in fact have a biological basis.

Brown Recluse Spider Bites Linked to Anemia in Kids

Posted March 16, 2010 by Fred Lee

According to new research, spider bites may be behind certain mysterious cases of anemia in children.

Tips For Gardening With Young Children

Posted March 10, 2010 by Rhonda Franz

Gardening is a great activity for the family, and an ideal learning opportunity for children, but it can be a special challenge when working with the short attention spans and infinite needs of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Before digging in the dirt, make sure you—and your children—are ready for the great outdoors!

Live-in Grandparents: Joy or Curse?

Posted March 1, 2010 by Deeanna Frankli...

An extended family living in multigenerational harmony sounds like a wonderful concept in theory. In reality, it was much harder to create than I ever imagined.

Free-Range Kids: Nutty or Natural?

Posted February 25, 2010 by Lain Ehmann

Infant mortality is down, violent crime against kids is at one of the lowest rates in decades, and there hasn't been a single -- not one! -- documented case of poisoned Halloween candy. Ever. So why are today's parents so crazy about keeping their kids safe?

Highly Sensitive Kids Thrive In A Supportive Environment

Posted February 17, 2010 by Fred Lee

Sensitive kids can have a rough time, but can also thrive and grow into strong, confident and capable people in the right environment.

Childless House Guests in the Kid Zone

Posted February 12, 2010 by Maggie Wells

Photo 19.jpg
It can make or break a friendship if you can’t communicate about all the mishaps waiting in the wings when a childless friend comes to call. So here it goes — my list of things to tell your buddy before you start freaking out and they start thinking you are from another planet.

The Importance Of Parental Influence On Teen Smoking

Posted January 25, 2010 by Fred Lee

Parents play a larger role than they may realize when it comes to their teens smoking cigarettes.

How Cosleeping With Your Baby Can Help You Sleep

Posted January 22, 2010 by Xin Lu

I was born in China where sharing a bed with a baby is fairly common, so I was surprised when I read the recommendation from the hospital that babies should not sleep with adults.

With A Little Help From Their Friends

Posted January 22, 2010 by Fred Lee

Social interaction between children may be an effective deterrent to mindless overeating.

This Book Rocked My Parenting World: Nurture Shock

Posted January 15, 2010 by Carrie Kirby

The new book Nurture Shock aims to throw our ideas about parenting for a loop, and it succeeded with me. I found out that research shows that the best way my kids can spend their time isn't studying -- it's sleeping. I also learned that they will most likely lie to me thousands of times before they become adults -- and that maybe that's OK.

Best of Parenting Round-Up: Global Edition

Posted January 15, 2010 by Lain Ehmann

With the news from Haiti, we've got some information on sharing tragedy with kids, raising globally aware children, and a few lighter topics as well.

Do You Know What Your Kids Are Doing At Daycare?

Posted January 14, 2010 by Fred Lee

New research has found that some home-based daycare providers may not always provide the healthiest environment for your child.

New Year, New Freak Accidents

Posted January 14, 2010 by Maggie Wells

The new year has brought two child deaths to our tiny rural town -- both completely preventable.

Kraft Foods Gift Baskets GIVEAWAY

Posted January 13, 2010 by Lynn Truong

Kraft Foods recently re-launched their Facebook fan page and The Kraft Foods Channel on YouTube to bring delicious recipes and money saving tips for the busy mom. To help spread the word, Kraft Foods has generously provided two gift baskets filled with Kraft products and recipe cards.