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Mothers and Suicide: The More Kids, the Less Likely

Posted May 18, 2010 by Fred Lee

Motherhood seems to have a protective effect against suicide.

Long-Term Consequences of Too Much TV in Toddlers

Posted May 13, 2010 by Fred Lee

Too much TV can have psychological as well as physiological consequence on young children.

Home Alone?

Posted May 12, 2010 by Maggie Wells

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When we were young it was pretty common to see kids with keys around their necks. We all knew (or were) the kids who got home at 3 but Mom didn’t get home 'til 5:30. But we’ve had more and more concerns about safety, and laws and social mores about what is considered neglect has changed. So what’s normal now?

Texting and Talking Dos and Don’ts: Teaching Technology Etiquette to Kids

Posted May 10, 2010 by Rhonda Franz

Having a cell phone conversation during a movie, taking a call during a lunch date, texting at the dinner table: the ease of technology has resulted in a relaxation of good manners. When it comes to technology etiquette, lay down the rules for your own children—and model them yourself.

Making Healthy Food Fun and Appealing

Posted May 6, 2010 by Fred Lee

Making healthy foods look cool and fun may encourage children to eat them.

The Comfort of a Mother's Touch

Posted May 5, 2010 by Fred Lee

A mother's touch is not only comforting, but might actually have a developmental influence on a baby.

Book Buddies: Kids and Dogs

Posted May 4, 2010 by Fred Lee

Reading to dogs resulted in an improvement in skills and confidence in children.

Teaching Babies to Swim

Posted April 30, 2010 by Fred Lee

In addition to fun in the sun and exercise, swimming appears to have some developmental benefits for babies.

Bribery for Grades: Good Idea or Bad Setup?

Posted April 28, 2010 by Rhonda Franz

Paying children for academic performance is a controversial topic. Many parents, and some researchers, support the idea. Do you?

Influence of Parents on Overweight Kids

Posted April 26, 2010 by Fred Lee

Parents, through the lifestyle choices they make, can play a significant role in the body image and weight of their kids.

Making the Most Out of TV: Tips for Educational and Limited Viewing

Posted April 23, 2010 by Rhonda Franz

Don't let television be just a babysitter for young children. Used properly, television can help entertain and teach your children. Make your child’s time in front of the tube work for everyone.

Contest: Small Steps for Earth Day

Posted April 22, 2010 by Lain Ehmann

Share your tips for keeping the earth green, step by step, and you could win a gift pack from Marcal Small Steps!

Tobacco That Looks Like Candy

Posted April 21, 2010 by Fred Lee

Tobacco products that look like candy are a legitimate health hazard to children.

Multitasking: The Latest Research

Posted April 21, 2010 by Rhonda Franz

It's hard to keep up with the research on multitasking. Of course, doing simultaneous jobs is not a new concept for moms and dads. What parent can get along without it?

Stealth Bullying: Flying Below the Parental Radar

Posted April 20, 2010 by Fred Lee

While bullying continues to be a problem, the perpetrators are often able to deceive adults and continue their abusive behavior.

Discipline May Have The Opposite Effect

Posted April 19, 2010 by Fred Lee

Every parent is familiar with the use of discipline, but in certain instances, it can have the opposite effect, essentially aggravating bad behavior.

Lead Exposure May Cause Delays in Male Puberty

Posted April 15, 2010 by Fred Lee

Adding to the list of hazards of lead exposure, experts now think that it may delay puberty in boys.

Marriage May Protect Men from Strokes

Posted April 12, 2010 by Fred Lee

It turns out that men who are in happy marriages have a lower risk for fatal strokes. In the first study of its kind, investigators may have found a link between stroke risk and the quality of married life.

Babies Are at the Highest Risk for BPA Exposure

Posted April 6, 2010 by Fred Lee

When it comes to bisphenol-A (BPA) exposure, newborns and infants seem to face the highest risks because of plastic feeding bottles.

Summer Clothes Increase UV Exposure

Posted March 31, 2010 by Fred Lee

Flip-flops and baseball hats are a part of summer, but they may not provide adequate protection against UV radiation.