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8 Steps to Healthy Teeth

Posted February 19, 2015 by Fred Lee

Teeth should last a lifetime, and with February being is Kids Dental Health Month, it is important that we remind our children and ourselves of this message.

10 Recipes for Leftover Roast Chicken

Posted February 17, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

Leftover chicken can be so boring! Change that with these fun recipes.

8 Things to Say & Ask Your Child Every Day

Posted February 16, 2015 by David James

Communication with our children is crucial. Here are several things we should say to our kids and ask them on a regular basis.

Working Dads: How to Connect With Your Kids Every Day

Posted February 15, 2015 by David James

Working dads have lots on their plates. But that doesn't mean there isn't time to connect with your kids. Here are some ways to do it.

Presidents’ Day Roundup: Activities for the Whole Family

Posted February 13, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

You've got a three day weekend, and we've got some super fun crafts from around the web that are perfect for Presidents' Day.

8 Valentine's Day Crafts to Do With the Little Ones

Posted February 11, 2015 by Jennifer Corter

It's almost Valentine's Day! Get in the spirit with these cute crafts and gorgeous handcrafted gifts that the kids can make!

Yum! Valentine’s Day Roundup: Lunchtime Fun!

Posted February 10, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

For kids, Valentine's Day is all about the fun foods! Show some love with these cute lunch ideas.

Join Us Today 2/10 at 2pm EST on Twitter for #pschat

Posted February 10, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

Join us to chat about Valentine's Day!

Pro/Con: Handling the Naptime Routine

Posted February 4, 2015 by David James

Keeping an active toddler on a naptime routine can be a chore. Check out this pro/con list to see what naptime techniques might work for you.

6 Ways to Ski Affordably

Posted February 4, 2015 by Fred Lee

Skiing is a great winter sport, but the costs can make it a challenge. That doesn't mean, however, that families can't find a way to take part in this wonderful winter activity.

Join Us Today 2/3 at 2pm EST on Twitter for #pscat

Posted February 3, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

Join us to chat about family meetings. You could win a $10 Amazon gift card.

Celebrate and Educate on National Freedom Day

Posted January 30, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

February 1st is National Freedom Day celebrating the end of slavery and equal rights. We have some fun ways to teach your children about this history and about the importance of fighting for equal rights.

Our Favorite Super Bowl Sunday Food and Fun

Posted January 29, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

Are you ready to rumble? Don't start your Super Bowl party without reading this first!

Tasty Super Bowl Foods That Will Please Everyone

Posted January 28, 2015 by Fred Lee

A big part of watching the big game is enjoying food and festivities with family and friends. Here are some ideas to feed your hungry party.

7 Kid-Friendly Snacks to Serve on Game Day

Posted January 27, 2015 by Jennifer Corter

Game day is coming up fast! Do you have a menu prepared? Check out these kid-friendly treats to serve on the big day!

Join Us Today 1/27 at 2pm EST on Twitter for #pschat

Posted January 27, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

Chat with us about the Super Bowl and sports!

A Word of Caution About Posting Child Pictures on Facebook

Posted January 24, 2015 by David James

Some parents in the U.K. recently learned a difficult lesson about Facebook, their children and privacy. Here are some important thoughts to consider before uploading a picture of your child to social media.

Roundup! Super Fun Super Bowl Snacks Kids Will Love

Posted January 22, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

The perfect snacks for Super Bowl Sunday and your kids. And you'll love them too!

Questions to Ask Before Sending Your Kid to a New Friend's Home for a Play Date

Posted January 21, 2015 by David James

Your child will have new friends all the time. Here are some things to think about before sending him to a new friend's home.

10 First Aid Skills Every Parent Should Learn

Posted January 20, 2015 by Fred Lee

Life is filled with accidents, and it is not a bad idea for parents to know some first aid skills in the event of an accident at home.