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Hop to it With These 12 Easter Crafts!

Posted March 31, 2015 by Jennifer Corter

The Easter bunny is packing his bags and getting ready for his great adventure! Grab your Easter bonnets, swipe a chocolate bunny, and get the kids involved in decorating the house and keep them busy with these 12 Easter crafts!

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Posted March 31, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

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Sneaky but Surefire Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat These 10 Healthy Foods

Posted March 30, 2015 by Fred Lee

Your children may not always want to eat healthy, but these 10 essential foods are necessary - and easier than you think to get your kids to eat.

8 Ways to Stop Teens from Texting and Driving

Posted March 29, 2015 by David James

All of our kids will someday get behind the wheel of a car. Let's make sure they know the dangers of texting and driving by reminding them now.

4 Easter Basket Gifts So Awesome Your Kids Won’t Notice the Missing Candy

Posted March 26, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

Easter baskets don't have to be all about the candy. These options are pretty sweet too!

5 Decor Tips for Nesting Mothers-To-Be

Posted March 25, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

You'll love these nursery decor ideas for your new bundle of joy!

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Posted March 23, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

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5 Must-Start Habits to Make Your Mornings Easier

Posted March 23, 2015 by David James

Is your morning routine in a rut? Try incorporating these five habits to make your mornings run more smoothly.

5 Ways to Look Like You've Got It Together, Even When You Don't Feel Like It

Posted March 15, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

Feeling frazzled? We all get that way. But you can still look like you've got it all under control.

11 Ways to Help Your Struggling Student

Posted March 10, 2015 by Fred Lee

When your child is struggling in school, rather than sit on the sidelines in frustration, there are ways that parents can take action to help their kids overcome these obstacles and do well in their classes.

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Posted March 10, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

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10 Ways to Say Goodbye to Winter

Posted March 9, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

Winter is coming to an end! Check these fun ideas off your wintertime bucket list.

Working Dads: How to Maintain Your Identity

Posted March 8, 2015 by David James

Once the kids are born, many fathers lose their sense of self. Here are some ways to reclaim it.

What You Need to Know About the New Peanut Allergy Study

Posted March 5, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

Here's what you need to know about the recent peanut allergy study that has everyone talking.

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Posted March 3, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

Sleep Deprivation May Be the Cause of Your Child's Troubles

Posted March 2, 2015 by Fred Lee

Parents and children alike should make a concerted effort to make sleep a priority, especially with the first week of March being Sleep Awareness Week.

7 Ideas for New Family Traditions

Posted March 1, 2015 by David James

Family traditions give us comfort and keep our families united. Here are a few ideas for some new traditions for your family.

How to Create a Cleaning Schedule When You're a Working Parent

Posted February 24, 2015 by David James

During National Time Management Month we tackle the most loathsome of chores -- cleaning your house. Here's how to create a workable schedule for working parents.

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Posted February 24, 2015 by Nancy Flanders

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Working Dads: How to Stay Fit

Posted February 22, 2015 by David James

Working dads are constantly busy. But that doesn't mean we can neglect our fitness. Here are some tips to find time for a workout.