New Paparazzi Law is a Chance for All Parents to Rethink the Laws Surrounding Children

Posted October 21, 2013 by Nancy Flanders

The new paparazzi law to protect celebrity children is an important and necessary one. Let it serve as a reminder that there is much work to be done to protect all children, not just the famous ones.

8 Healthier Versions of Your Kids’ Favorite Foods

Posted October 14, 2013 by Nancy Flanders

Kids love hot dogs and chicken tenders almost as much as they love cookies and ice cream. Make the switch to the healthier versions to keep your family safe.

Prenatal Diagnosis: Planning a Celebration of Life Baby Shower

Posted October 2, 2013 by Nancy Flanders

Has your friend received a fatal diagnosis for her unborn child? Show her that her baby is loved by throwing her a Celebration of Life baby shower.

7 Reasons to Never Let Your Children Watch TV Again

Posted September 24, 2013 by Nancy Flanders

Television is an easy way to keep our kids entertained for a bit. But are they getting more than we bargained for?

Put Your Family on a Sugar Detox

Posted September 15, 2013 by Nancy Flanders

Sugar is a big part of our lives, but it comes with some not-so-sweet consequences. Make simple changes that will help you and your family stay healthier for a lifetime.

Top 10 Resources for Delicious and Nutritious Baby Food Recipes

Posted August 28, 2013 by Alyssa Chirco

Making homemade baby food for your infant or toddler? Don't miss the delicious and healthy recipes that these books and website have to offer!

5 Ways to Prevent Head Lice

Posted August 28, 2013 by Nancy Flanders

No one wants head lice in their lives. Follow these tips to stop them before they reach your child's head.

InfantSEE Offers Free Vision Screenings for Babies

Posted August 28, 2013 by Alyssa Chirco

Early eye and vision examinations with a qualified professional are more important for our children's health and well-being than many of us have been led to believe.

Not Seen, Not Heard: Join Our Tweetchat Today, 08/15 at 2:00 EST for a Chance to Win!

Posted August 14, 2013 by Rhonda Franz

We want your input today on the current news stories and controversies involving children. Chat with us today on Twitter for a chance to win!

What to Consider Before Banking Your Baby’s Cord Blood

Posted July 25, 2013 by Nancy Flanders

Cord blood is an emerging science that is being used to help treat everything from diabetes to leukemia. It is definitely something every expectant parent should consider.

ProSquad: Keeping an Eye on Your Baby's Development

Posted July 24, 2013 by Rhonda Franz

Our Developmental Pro shares child development information and red flags for parents to watch out for in their children.

The 6 Best Wii Games for Active Kids

Posted July 2, 2013 by Nancy Flanders

Sometimes it rains, and on those days it can be hard to find something to keep your kids not only busy, but active. Unless you have a Wii.

Chemicals and Toxins to Get Out of Your House Now

Posted June 6, 2013 by Nancy Flanders

Before we're born there are chemicals raging through our bodies. Cut down on the amount of chemicals your children are exposed to and help protect their health.

10 Must-Do Summer Activities With Your Children

Posted June 6, 2013 by Nancy Flanders

Don't let the rest of the summer pass you by without experiencing some fun with your children. We've got a list for you to check off for the remainder of the hot months.

Losing Weight After Baby

Posted June 6, 2013 by Nancy Flanders

Gaining weight during pregnancy is easy. Losing weight after pregnancy can prove to be one of the toughest things any mom will face. Make it easier on yourself with these tips.

7 Heart Healthy Suggestions for Summer Breakfasts

Posted June 3, 2013 by Maggie Wells

Want to get your kids eating healthier breakfasts this summer? Try some of these.

7 Reasons to Sign the Petition to Repeal the Monsanto Protection Act

Posted May 28, 2013 by Alyssa Chirco

What is the Monsanto Protection Act? And why should you sign the petition to repeal it? We're telling you what you need to know here.

4 Steps to Mastering Your Child's Car Seat

Posted May 24, 2013 by Nancy Flanders

4 out of 5 car seats are installed incorrectly, and car crashes are the No. 1 cause of death for children. Mastering your child's car seat is a life-or-death situation.

We Reject Mommy Wars: Join Our Tweetchat Today, 05/23 at 2:00 EST for a Chance to Win!

Posted May 23, 2013 by Rhonda Franz

Help us banish The Mommy Wars. Grab a cool drink and join us for this week's chat on Twitter, where we're ready to attack the negativity in our lives for the sake of our children, our families, and our sanity.

How to Choose the Right Preschool for Your Child With Special Health Needs

Posted May 14, 2013 by Nancy Flanders

Raising a child with a special health need can be stressful at times. One of those times is during the search for the right preschool.