Hand Washing: A Great First Defense

Posted March 11, 2010 by Deeanna Frankli...

soap and water hand washing.jpg
Good hand washing is an overlooked but critical step in staying healthy. Most adults don't give it much thought until you have to teach it to a child. Here's a refresher course on hand washing, and a tip on giving your hands the spa treatment.

How to Save a Tooth

Posted March 10, 2010 by Deeanna Frankli...

When your little one loses a tooth unexpectedly it's best to have game plan. Here's some advice from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists on how to save a tooth.

Homemade Gluten-Free Oreo Cookies; Seriously, Delicious!

Posted March 4, 2010 by Sonja Stewart

Thanks to this recipe, if your kids are gluten intolerant, they can have their Oreos and eat them, too. (And you won't have to worry about dietary repercussions later.) Invite your kids to pull up a chair and have fun helping and more fun eating!

Warning: Dangerous Foods Ahead

Posted March 3, 2010 by Rhonda Franz

Scour your pantry and empty the fridge: Time Magazine has put out a list of the ten most dangerous foods. Chances are, you won't find many of these lurking on your kitchen shelves. But don't worry: this mama has got you covered.

Choking Hazards and the Search for a Redesigned Hot Dog

Posted March 3, 2010 by Fred Lee

Hot dogs and finger-friendly candies may be a child's favorite foods, but they can pose significant choking risks that should not be ignored by parents.

New Non-Toxic Treatment for Head Lice

Posted March 2, 2010 by Fred Lee

A new compound to treat head lice is not only effective, but non-toxic, as well.

Title IX and Its Positive Legacy

Posted February 26, 2010 by Fred Lee

The Title IX Education Amendment has done more for girls than simply increase their participation in sports, it has had a positive impact on the lives of women.

Flat Head Syndrome May Affect Baby’s Development

Posted February 26, 2010 by Fred Lee

In young babies, flat head syndrome may be linked to developmental issues.

Do Forward-Facing Strollers Delay Language?

Posted February 25, 2010 by Deeanna Frankli...

candy colored strollers.jpg
Going for walk? The type of stroller you use may actually have an help or hinder your toddler's language development. One U.K. study compared face-to-face strollers to the much more common forward-facing strollers

Are Your Child’s Food Allergies Real, Or Misdiagnosed?

Posted February 25, 2010 by Fred Lee

It turns out that some allergies identified in children may in fact be the result of an incorrect diagnosis.

Product Placement In Movies Influences Children

Posted February 23, 2010 by Fred Lee

Product placement in movies has more of an influence on our children's health than many of us realize.

Effective Treatment For Peanut Allergies In Children

Posted February 23, 2010 by Fred Lee

Steady and controlled consumption of peanuts has led to some children overcoming their peanut allergies - but don't try this at home

What Causes Autism?

Posted February 22, 2010 by Sierra Black

Researchers in California have identified autism "hot spots" throughout the state and researched the conditions in those areas. The only correlation they came up with was that these "hot zones" feature parents with higher-than-average levels of education and proximity to autism treatment centers. So does parental education lead to autism?

Honey: Sweet Relief For A Child’s Cough

Posted February 22, 2010 by Fred Lee

Honey helps to soothe coughs in children, sometimes even better than commercial cough medicines.

Same Sex Parents Raising Well-Adjusted Kids

Posted February 22, 2010 by Lela Davidson

A new report could lend support to same-sex couples hoping to adopt. It aggregates existing research that confirms that gender has no impact on the quality of parenting.

Caffeine Content in Drinks, Foods, and Medications.

Posted February 18, 2010 by Sonja Stewart

If you want to avoid caffeine, get more of it, or keep it from your kids, this article breaks down the content of caffeine in everyday products. You'll be surprised where it's hiding in some kid-friendly items.

Acupuncture Relieves Chronic Pain And Illness In Children

Posted February 18, 2010 by Fred Lee

Acupuncture has been shown to be a safe and effective way to alleviate pain and discomfort in children.

Healthy Eating Tips for Your Kids

Posted February 18, 2010 by Debbie Dragon

healthy food.jpg
Proper nourishment is important for growth and development and starting good eating habits early helps to foster great eating habits throughout your child’s lifetime. Here are some tips on how to get started.

Symptoms of Celiac Disease (or a Gluten Allergy) in Children

Posted February 18, 2010 by Sonja Stewart

donut girl.jpg
Diagnosing celiac disease or a gluten allergy in your child is paramount in setting up a healthy lifestyle for his future. Look for these symptoms and arm yourself with information so you can attack their disease head on!

Childhood Obesity May Predict Early Mortality

Posted February 15, 2010 by Fred Lee

A recent study has found a link between childhood obesity and early death.