How to Prepare Your Family for Disaster

Posted July 18, 2012 by Nancy Flanders

No one likes to think that a disaster can happen to their family, but the truth is that it can. Being prepared, and teaching your children to be prepared is the best way to keep everone safe.

ProSquad: Can I Put Sunblock on My Infant?

Posted July 18, 2012 by Rhonda Franz

This week, our medical pro, Dr. Melissa Arca tells parents how to protect babies' sensitive skin from the summer sun.

What's a Parent to Do? Join Our Tweetchat Today, 7/12, 1 PM CST for a Chance to Win!

Posted July 12, 2012 by Rhonda Franz

What do you use to decide on health recommendations like vaccinations and having your children drink milk? Do you go with official recommendations from medical organizations, or do you use other information to make the call? Join our Twitter #pschat with other parents today at 1:00 CST for a chance to win!

25 Remedies for Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Posted July 11, 2012 by Alyssa Chirco

Morning sickness has the power to make pregnant mothers miserable, but we've rounded up 25 remedies that just might spell relief.

Bottoms Up: Alcohol During Pregnancy Might Be Safe After All

Posted July 9, 2012 by Alyssa Chirco

Is it safe to drink alcohol while pregnant? A new study finds that up to 8 drinks per week just might be okay.

6 Ways to Keep Your Cool During Hard Times

Posted July 5, 2012 by Fred Lee

Difficult economic times can often make it difficult for parents to have the patience they need endure the challenges of being a mother or father, but here are some tips to help parents keep their cool during the most trying times.

Hot Topics: Join Our Summery Tweetchat Today at 1 PM CST for a Chance to Win!

Posted June 21, 2012 by Rhonda Franz

Grab a cold drink and chat it up with other parents today at our Tweetchat. We're talking about all kinds of summer topics - from appropriate swimwear to what you do when you hear your out-of-class child say, "I'm bored."

How to Keep Your Baby Safe and Comfortable in the Summer Heat

Posted June 19, 2012 by Nancy Flanders

The summer heat can be dangerous for babies. From heat rash to heatstroke, keeping your baby safe is important and easier than you think.

33 Reasons to Breastfeed a Toddler

Posted June 8, 2012 by Alyssa Chirco

Wondering why some women choose to breastfeed toddlers (or preschoolers)? Learn about the long list of nutritional, immunological, and emotional benefits that continued breastfeeding has to offer.

ProSquad: Bedwetting Concerns and Sensory Processing Disorder

Posted June 6, 2012 by Rhonda Franz

Today from the ProSquad! Get answers and advice on bedwetting from our sleep expert. And check out the explanation from our developmental expert about sensory processing disorder.

If the Shoe Fits: Outfitting Children With Proper Summer Footwear

Posted June 5, 2012 by Rhonda Franz

Got shoes? The right ones? Don't rely on the usual summer shoes for your children's sports and playtime. Make sure they can make the most of their increase in physical activity this summer with the right footwear.

What to Do When the Teacher Is the Bully

Posted May 25, 2012 by Nancy Flanders

Most teachers are wonderful, trusted friends to your child. However, some teachers have a history of abuse and bullying. It's important to know how to spot an abusive teacher in order to best protect your child.

What Causes Autism?

Posted May 22, 2012 by Nancy Flanders

The rate of autism is rising, but the reasons are still controversial. Scientists, however, are narrowing down the possible causes, including genetics, environmental influences, and risk factors.

Get Grilling With Kids

Posted May 18, 2012 by Nancy Flanders

It's grilling time! Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer, is just around the corner. If you're getting ready to make dinner on the grill, have some extra fun with it by getting your children to help.

How to Protect Your Family From Ticks

Posted May 17, 2012 by Nancy Flanders

Ticks are here in full force this year, thanks to a very mild winter. Even if you don't have ticks in your yard or haven't in the past, you should learn how to prevent Lyme disease and protect your family from all tick-related diseases.

Attachment Parenting & Breastfeeding: Join Our Tweetchat Today, Thursday, 05/17 for a Chance to Win an Amazon Gift Card

Posted May 17, 2012 by Rhonda Franz

Attachment Parenting is hot in the news again. Come chat with us about raising children with the kinds of values involved in Attachment Parenting, and why breastfeeding is such a heated topic among parents.

What Is Attachment Parenting?

Posted May 16, 2012 by Alyssa Chirco

Attachment parenting gets a lot of attention in the news these days, but do you know what it actually is?

How to Stay Sun Safe

Posted May 9, 2012 by Nancy Flanders

The summer months bring lots of outdoor fun, but too much time in the sun with too little protection can lead to skin damage and skin cancer. Protect your family and yourself with a few simple steps.

ProSquad: How Much Milk Does My Young Child Need?

Posted May 7, 2012 by Rhonda Franz

Our resident physician takes on the milk question. How much should we be feeding our children?

8 Ways to Get More Face-Time With Your Kids (and Why It's Important)

Posted May 4, 2012 by Fred Lee

Too much screen time can be detrimental to young girls, but an effective solution is to simply spend more quality face-time with them.