Much of the celebrity parenting news we hear is controversial — whether it's someone holding her baby on her lap while driving, or divorcing stars dragging their children through a harsh and public custody battle. It seems celebrities are caught doing wrong by their children more often than they are caught doing right. Everyone has their moments, but here are some celebrities we can celebrate for their great parenting skills and for being strong role models for their children and ours.

Setting Rules and Boundaries

Kelly Ripa may be best known as the punchy, totally-toned sidekick to Regis Philbin on morning TV. The tabloids may tell tales of her ever-impending divorce, but at home, she and husband Mark Consuelos are a team, working together to raise their children into full-functioning adults.

They attend church regularly, have chores for the kids to do around the house, and don't allow for spoiling. Their three kids, Michael (age 13), Lola (9), and Joaquin (7) don't have all the latest gadgets, but when they do get them, it is because they are earned. For example, Michael just took a part-time job in order to earn the money for the iPad he desperately wants.

All for One

Heidi Klum seems to have it all figured out. She's got the career, the devoted husband, and the cute kids. She's also got the frame of mind to not take any of it for granted, as does her husband, musician Seal. The couple is raising four children together: Leni (6), Henri Guenther (4), Johan (3), and Lou (8 months). Each year, the couple renews their vows with kids in tow. Seal recently adopted Leni, Klum's child from a previous marriage.

Making a Difference

Boomer Esiason was a star quarterback in 1993 when his son, Gunnar was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at age two. Like any parent, Esiason wanted to do anything he could to help his child, but he has gone above and beyond that duty, pledging to eradicate cystic fibrosis and helping to inspire and save lives.

He started the Boomer Esiason Foundation almost immediately and began raising money to find a cure for CF. Today, the foundation offers college scholarships, transplant grants, numerous fundraisers, and online support for people living with CF. And Gunnar is off to college, having learned by example that anything is possible.

Keeping It Real

Jennifer Garner is as down-to-earth as they come in Hollywood. She and husband Ben Affleck are raising their two girls, Violet (4) and Serephina (1 ½) as close to "normal" as they can. They pick up the girls at preschool, bring them to run errands or stop by the farmer's market, and are photographed with their kids more than they are on set. This mom is more hands-on than most Hollywood stars can claim and seems to enjoy every minute of it.

Family First

Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee Furness adopted their two children Oscar (10) and Ava (5) after unsuccessfully trying to conceive. Jackman calls it the best decision they ever made. When not ripping things to pieces as Wolverine or driving women mad in films including Someone Like You, Jackman is an all-out family man, spending quality time with the family and their friends every chance he gets — bowling parties, Disney, dinner-dates, the guy can't seem to get enough of the wife and kids.

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