Both of my girls were born close to Christmas and this is the first year I get to celebrate all three (and go broke buying gifts) in a row. Children with birthdays close to a major holiday often feel neglected when it comes to presents and birthday attention. Friends and extended family buy one gift to cover both celebrations and the child ends up feeling unappreciated. Maybe there's nothing you can do about it — or maybe there is.

Plan Gifts Ahead of Time

This one is tough for me. When I buy gifts ahead of time, I end up giving gifts ahead of time. But if you stay organized, you will have the right amount of birthday and Christmas gifts for your Christmas baby. Create a space in a closet or under a bed with storage tubs. Label them with your child's name and what day the gift is for or simply wrap them in appropriate wrapping. This way, you can actually see what you have for your child and you can sort the gifts out by price or type. You'll also know exactly when it's time to stop shopping.

Talk Candidly with Family and Friends

Let your family and friends know that if they wish to buy your children gifts for birthdays and Christmas, it is important to you and your family that they keep the gifts separate. Let them know that you don't expect gifts for your children, but one gift for both celebrations is not okay with your child. Let them know why it hurts her and the effect it has on her. Tell them they can either pick one of the days to celebrate with a gift, get gifts for both events, or even skip out on gifts all together. The choice is theirs.

Make a Big Deal

When it's your child's birthday celebration, really celebrate. Don't make it a birthday/holiday party. They are two different events and one of the best parts of being a kid is having birthday parties and holiday parties. It may seem expensive at this time of year, but celebrate this child's birthday at the same level that you do the others. If you have to set aside money a few months in advance, do it. Your child will look back on the celebration with joy and love rather than sadness that her birthday wasn't special.

Celebrate a Half Birthday

Celebrating half birthdays works well for a lot of families. The best part is that the half birthday lands in the summertime! Warm weather means you can move the party outdoors and the threat of a party-pooping snowstorm is minuscule. Just remember that she'll still be expecting at least a small gift on her actual birthday (she is a kid after all).