It's time to be honest. We love our kids. Live for them, in fact. But on Father's Day it might be nice to have some time away from them.

Please don't take it personally. Maybe we want a little alone time with mom. Maybe we want a little alone time on a golf course. Maybe we want a little time with our buddies.

Please don't hold it against us.

Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate Father's Day sans children:

Weekend Getaway

I'm certain that every couple would love a few days of R&R at a resort, if they could swing it. Look for a few online deals and give yourselves that quick getaway that you so richly deserve. Try to make it extra special by taking an additional day off to really recharge those batteries.

Stay Close

If a weekend getaway is out of the question this year, even just a night at a nearby hotel can feel like being a world away from the kids. Find a good babysitter and milk that stay for all it's worth. Even if check-in isn't until 3, you can usually arrive early and spend some time at the pool or hotel restaurant. Call ahead and ask if you can check in early or pay a little extra to check out late the next day.

Try Something New

It might be time to pull out your "couple's bucket list." Have you always wanted to go on a high-flying adventure with your mate? Try a French cooking class? Learn to salsa? Maybe this is the year that you expand your horizons and learn a new skill.

Live Is Best

Is your favorite comedian or band performing live in your neck of the woods? Check out the schedule at some local venues and see if you can score some tickets. Go for it. You deserve it, Dad!

Go Old School

If most of the times when you go out to eat it's at the local pizza joint or chain restaurant, step it up for Father's Day. Book a reservation at that restaurant that your wife has been bugging you to try and make a night of it. Linger over dinner, savor the time alone, and revel in the relative peace and quiet. After dinner, check out a cigar bar, dance the night away at a club, or go grab a drink at that place where everybody used to know your name.

Party, Party

If most of your friends are consumed with their lives, jobs, and children, resolve to change that this Father's Day. Get the old gang or even just a few couple friends together for dinner at a popular restaurant or a night on the town.