Many children's books have been created as a tool for parents to communicate an adoption story. Few are written with a tender balance that captures the love of family, offers a uniquely fitting adoption explanation, and provides an opportunity for a sensitive discussion.

Five books that celebrate adoption while capturing this balance of education and emotion are listed below.

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born by Jaime Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell

This is a sweet story about a young girl adopted at birth. The story unfolds as the young girl asks details about the night she was born.

Key Elements

  • Light hearted

  • Colorful illustrations

  • Many discussion opportunities

  • Focus on the love of a family

  • Specific to domestic adoption and traditional family settings

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God Found Us You by Lisa Tawn Begren

This is a touching account of a young fox curious about the day he came home to his mama. This story progresses as the mama fox recalls the various emotions and elements involved with their journey to each other.

Key Elements

  • Honest and heavy emotions from the adopting family expressed

  • Discussions on the birth family's feelings and perspective

  • Applicable to all types of adoption

  • Warm and colorful illustrations

Price: $7.91 on Amazon

Forever Fingerprints: An Amazing Discovery for Adopted Children by Sherrie Eldridge

Forever Fingerprints gives the perspective of a young girl's newly surfaced questions regarding her birth family and adoption. The reader experiences the adoptive family answering these questions, supporting and exploring the young girl's emotions and celebrating her past.

Key Elements

  • Applicable to all types of adoptions

  • Heavy emotions and humor are present

  • Many opportunities for discussion are found within the book

  • The parent guide at the end of the book offers suggestions for starting adoption discussions

  • An activity connecting the child and his or her birth family is provided

Price: $12.21 on Amazon or $14.73 at Tapestry Books

A Mother For Choco by Keiko Kasza

Choco, a bright yellow bird, is in search of a family. As Choco finds a mother to hold him and kiss him, this loving and humorous story demonstrates that physical similarities do not make a family.

Key Elements

  • Applicable to any adoption type

  • This book can be used to teach any child about adoption

  • Bright pictures compliment this loving story

  • Animals are utilized to communicate the story's message

  • Mom is the only parent mentioned. When reading the story, it is easy to swap the word "mama" for "dad"

Price: $5.99 on Amazon

Rosie's Family: An Adoption Story by Lori Rosovo

Rosie is a sweet beagle adopted by a family of schnauzers. Rosie asks many, sometimes heavy in emotion, questions about the differences between her and her adoptive family. General aspects of adoption, as well as the topic of what makes a family, are discussed.

Key Aspects

  • Applicable to any type of adoption

  • Engaging to children (written from a dog's perspective)

  • Fun illustrations

  • Parents notes at the end to assist in adoption-related discussions

  • Many opportunities for questions and discussion are presented

  • Heavily focused on emotions

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16 months ago, my sweet baby boy joined our family through the miracle of adoption. Today, he is our active little bear exploring the world. As his sweet soul and freckled face take complete control of our hearts, we gain confirmation that love, not genetics, make up a family.

How do we translate this confirmation to our son, celebrate his birth family, and discuss his adoption story? Thankfully, we can start this process early by reading the above books. Through these stories and the conversations that will follow, our son can begin to see the special way his family was created.

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